How Is The Desire To Receive Different From Egoism?

laitman_600.04Question: What is the difference between the desire to receive and egoism?

Answer: The desire to receive is a natural desire, and egoism refers to enjoyment at another’s expense. For example, if a hungry lion attacks a sheep and kills it to have breakfast, this is called desire.

A person wants to humiliate others, to profit from them, to gain at their expense. He does not enjoy the process of receiving itself, but the fact that through it, he towers over others. This is egoism.

In other words, there is a natural desire for satiation, for being filled, and there is an egoistic desire. If I want to simply receive pleasure, then it is a basic necessity for my existence. If, however, I desire to receive something specifically at the expense of others, against them, in order to rise higher than them, then this is egoism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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