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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The main part of attaining peace is connecting opposites. 
Don’t fear seeing opposite opinions, which are irreconcilable and cannot exist in peace—all perfection in the world lies precisely in reconciling opposites. This is the expression of a leader’s wisdom!
Likutei Etsot, Peace

Of all the nations of the world, only Isra-El, those who aspire to the Creator, have freedom of will—to aspire to this or to that world, to reception of bestowal—by that they determine the fate of the world. Hence they are responsible even for their own horrible suffering.
Preface to The Book of #Zohar, Item 70 #Jews

Any country’s elite are the heads of power structures. In times of crisis, pressure mounts and hostility within and between governments grows. This compels them to either create a 2nd degree of connection (such as faith above reason through education ….
…. this is how man finds Kabbalah)—or war.

Kabbalists have one goal: unity ABOVE all strife will save the world. People must learn to build love above hatred. Not by destroying hatred, but precisely ABOVE IT, covering it, preserving it, to build love, connection. This is what Kabbalah teaches.
It is written: Love will COVER all sins.

Education must be organized to instill in every person the feeling of love for people, the nation and society, so one will rediscover the national love that left us since the times when we were one nation. This work precedes any other for it is our and our country’s foundation.
Baal HaSulam, The Nation newspaper

Question on Euro-parliament elections: fight to leave EU, dismantle EU, or change EU? Most lucrative is to institute routine education for EU nations and countries on convergence. This will solve all the problems. For that the EU #governance must realize that unity is necessary.

The deeper you study Kabbalah, the deeper and wider you feel its breadth—all the worlds, the whole universe, in a full and single dependency: how all the worlds and even our world must be in full equivalence on all degrees.
Even in our world, the mechanical commandments are a reflection of unity.

By virtue of separation, each one’s individual wealth is diversified in colors. Diversity does not compel one to suppress one’s qualities, but enriches the assembly of the people with a multiplicity of lights. Diversity leads to a greater inner world.
Rav Kook, Orot Part 4

I just received Drucker’s article on the primaries in the Likud and my student’s participation in them. Acquainted with Kabbalah’s call to unity of Jews and of the whole world, we are a huge force on all continents. I am glad that writers like him understand this as well.
Only unity above all strife will save the world!
From Twitter, 2/5/19

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Sharpening The Path To The Creator

laitman_289We always increasingly restrict our path in order for it to become more focused and sharp, turning into a very narrow line leading to the Creator. Then we perform only those actions that follow one after another and lead us to the goal. On this thin line begins the ladder of the degrees, the love of friends, and the love for the Creator.

How do we get to this place where this thin line begins? It is very simple. “The place” is the desire. Restrict your desire to one intention, to one goal, and you will find yourself on this thin line. The main thing is to act through the group for the sake of bestowing to the Creator, who is in the center of the group, and you will certainly walk on this line.1

We cannot understand our heart because it is clad in multi-layered armor. The Creator is inside the heart, but we do not feel that; we feel only superficial desires. It is an unimaginable sensation when the Creator is revealed in the heart of a person and becomes one with his heart. This is the end of correction.

So far, we are very far from this state. We must scrub our heart, peeling all the layers from it in order to reveal the true, living heart. Now it has a stony armor and therefore is called “the stony heart.”2
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Matan Torah [The
Giving of the Torah],” Item 14
1 Minute 22:45
2 Minute 27:44

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The Ladder Of Attainment Is Constant

laitman_961.2Question: Which Kabbalists have you already gone through and do you feel them better? What is your personal experience on this path?

Answer: The fact is that all the Kabbalists have gone through very great steps of the ladder of spiritual ascent to full attainment to fully incorporate with each other.

I am not as high as they are, so I cannot say how many each of them has passed through.

I feel my teacher Rabash the most. The most important thing for me is to hold on to him constantly. I receive the upper Light from him. Any revelation, attainment, comes to me only through him.

Above Rabash on the spiritual hierarchy is his father Baal HaSulam, then Ramchal, Ari, and other Kabbalists. But in practice, I receive the Light from Rabash. The steps of the ladder of spiritual attainment are constant.
From the lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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New Life 1084 – Love And Hate

New Life 1084 – Love And Hate
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The human experience of love and hate are determined through a part of the brain called the pleasure center. This small part works in the interest of the ego or the desire to receive and differentiates between pleasure or love and suffering or hatred. It is said that the feeling of hatred pushes us to communicate with the upper force and understand what He wants from us. Hatred is awakened in us so that we will eventually learn to look within and correct ourselves. We can change our negative, egoistic attitudes in such a way that we will see a good world full of love. Instead of being dominated by egoism, we can manage it by changing ourselves. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to correct ourselves in relation to the world. When we attribute everything to the upper force, we begin to understand that no one is hating or loving us. Instead, when we want to reach bestowal by giving to the world and the upper force, we realize that the whole system is taking care of us.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1084 – Love And Hate,” 12/25/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 2/5/19

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