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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Restriction (Katnut) means to restrict oneself, to want to receive nothing, to be willing to remain in one’s state forever. To achieve it is to reach adhesion. To create such a state is fundamental in giving birth to the new degree, and this state is supposed be eternal.
Whereas the great state (Gadlut) is an addition.

Just as parts of the atom unite, as atoms unite into molecules and molecules into complex organisms, so any creature is built. Everything depends on the degree of its elements’ connection.
Thus spiritual progress takes place by virtue of our connections ….
…. and the more complex it is, the higher we rise spiritually.

In the process of the Soul’s correction toward similarity with the Creator, new parts and connections are not added to creation, given the broken connections between all its parts. The connections between the parts are only corrected ….
…. which in the attainment of their breakage and unity, elicits attainment of the Creator.

Coming closer to the Creator is possible only to the extent of coming closer to friends. The soul was created by the Creator in small unity (Kli GE with the light of NR). Then it broke. When we come closer, the lights of NaRaN in the Kli of AHP complete the soul …
… till the light of Infinity, full attainment of the Creator.

The Book of #Zohar is the Book of Radiance. It came to us through the centuries—great Kabbalists of all generations bowed down and opened their hearts before it.
This book is the instructions for every person to become happy, to reveal the upper world in this life.

In all Biblical sources, the word “MASHBER”, which we translate as “CRISIS,” means birth, birth of the new, rather than death of the old!
See the Prophet Isaiah 37:2-3. In the Talmud, MASHBER means a special place for a woman giving birth, where she gives birth (also see Hosea 13).

The liberal world order, as a post-WWII period, is over. Humanity’s progress has reached an impasse. We are at the final stage of the development of egoism, which has exhausted its resources.
Next: we are to undergo above-egoistic progress.
This new phase of global development is revealed in Kabbalah.

The aspiration, WITHOUT FIRST CORRECTING THE NATIONS’ EGOISM, to unite them into #EU, brought to light the impossibility of the union, while expansion accelerated the project’s failure. Europe’s influence is on the decline, the future of the EU poses a threat to the whole world.
The #EU project is over. We talked about this at the start of the project!
From Twitter, 2/18/19

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The Correct Study: Am I Included In The Ten?

laitman_962.7The proper study of Kabbalah is what brings us to our goal. It is written: “Make your desire similar to the Creator’s desire.” The desire and the purpose of the Creator is to bring his created beings to the same level as Him. After all, this is the perfect, high, and the only correct degree.

To become like the Creator means to acquire the property of bestowal, which brings man out from all evil and removes all the limitations intentionally created by the Creator since good is only felt “as the advantage of the Light from within the darkness.”

Therefore, we alternate between states all the time: in the left line, then in the right, building one based on the other. That is how we study the work of the Creator on us, the way He awakens supposedly negative and supposedly positive states in us.

In fact, we need to stop giving importance to what state we are in. The only thing that matters is whether we bring contentment to the Creator. We rise above good and evil and worry only about being inside the Master, feeling Him. We live  only for this.

Our new organs of perception are above our desire to receive, above the restriction; we build a screen and reflected Light on top of them. Thus, we no longer exist within ourselves but within the highest goal, within the Creator. This means working due to the reflected Light.

We imagine how to please the Host, what the “head” of our spiritual Partzuf, the soul, is, and then we manifest it in action. Since the Master wants man to experience pleasure, we are ready to experience it. That is how the “body” of our soul is built.

The reforming Light brings us to all these states if we study correctly. The correctness of the studies is checked only by one criterion: as much as I am included in the ten. The ten is called the congregation of Israel, the minyan, the group, the vessel of the soul. When I feel that the entire ten is like one person and I care only about it, I am studying correctly and the reforming Light is acting on me, leading me to the right connection.1

“It is our sages said, the Creator said to Israel, ‘I have sold you My Torah. It is as though I have been sold with it.’ These are the terms of the deal.”

Do we need the Creator in addition to the Torah? Imagine that you are buying an apartment and you are told that it is sold only along  with the owner. How would you like it? Why do I need the  owner inside the house? But this is the condition.

If you want to get a soul, then know that the Master is always inside of it. And even  more, you buy the soul and the Creator, you pay Him for it, but He remains the master.2

In studying the Torah, I must strive to buy the Master. That is, the Creator, the intention for the sake of bestowal, must rule over me.3

When the desire to receive ruled my life, it was also the Creator’s command manifested in such a form as if it were my desire. The Creator himself says that he created the evil inclination. And now he gives me an additional task, saying: “I have covertly ruled over you all the time, but now I will show you how I am guiding you, so that you will learn My tricks, My actions; I want to give you the steering wheel so that you know how to properly lead your soul. And I will sit next to you and I will not drive you any longer; you yourself will carry the entire world, including Me.”

The Creator shows us what He does, and therefore, our work is called the work of the Creator. The revelation of the Creator is the revelation of the work of the Creator. To the extent we understand and know Him, we receive a portion of His work from Him in order to do it ourselves. So we become like the Creator and as a result, He gives us all His work. This means achieving an adhesion.4

Imagine that your ten, ten friends, live in an apartment where the owner is the Creator. You constantly ask the Creator how to treat the friends correctly to maintain amicable relations. How can you live in one “apartment” if you argue all the time? Beside you and your friends, the Creator is near, advising you on how to establish a wonderful life in this place.

I get a lot of complaints about conflicts arising in different tens. But you forget that the Creator is present within the group. Ask Him to mend your relationship because “creating peace in heaven will establish peace between us.” We ourselves are not able to establish good relations; the Creator must become the glue that unites us. You just need to ask, together!

It is like a child with his mother: he can get angry and be upset with her, but he cannot escape, their connection cannot be broken; it is established above. We only need to ask the Creator.5

Kabbalists use the language of the branches when describing the commandments of the Shulchan Aruch because it is the language by which spiritual actions can be explained.

In the spiritual world there are no words and definitions that could describe that one force plus another minus a third will produce certain states of the soul. But by using material roots, you can express everything. For example, netilat yadaim (washing of the hands): take the vessel in your right hand and pour it on the left (in the left line), then in the right line, and repeat three times. Now we need to think about why we do it three times, why to the left, then to the right, what kind of vessel it is, why it has water poured in it, and what kind of water it is.

From this, you can understand what it means to “wash your hands” as a spiritual action: to remove your hands from receiving. This is a very serious description drawn up by Kabbalists, and if we attach the right intentions to it, then we are in front of a laid table (Shulchan Aruch), on the other end of which is the Master, and we are opposite Him.6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/6/19, The Right Way To Study The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
1 Minute 0:15
2 Minute 13:18
3 Minute 15:35
4 Minute 26:58
5 Minute 36:31
6 Minute 51:45

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/19/18

laitman_282.01Question: If the number of states denotes time, then when I fall is it the same as moving backward in time, and when I ascend is this moving forward?

Answer: Not necessarily. There is a descent for the sake of hastening movement forward. We just need to assess the quality of the movement correctly, not its vector or quantitative value.

Question: Is spiritual matter energy and are the forces of the physical world on a different layer parallel to the spiritual?

Answer: Physical forces are egoistic forces; therefore, they don’t exist in the spiritual world. It is even impossible to say that they are parallel to spiritual forces because our world does not exist. Our world is called an imaginary world, a world we imagine.

Question: Do intermediary worlds exist, or only a spiritual world and a material world?

Answer: There are no intermediary worlds. But the spiritual world consists of five levels: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, and Adam Kadmon, and Olam Ein Sof (the world of infinity) to which we must go through all 125 levels. These worlds differ in the quality of the connection between the units, parts, and elements.

Question: If my fate is made by the Creator, why must I bestow  and change it?

Answer: The Creator created you so that you must change yourself! You are obligated to do so.

Question: When we feel pain and suffering in the physical world, does this mean that the Creator is educating us through this? Does this happen when we don’t want to correct ourselves?

Answer: Right! We sense pain when we do not want to educate ourselves, and do not want to be corrected!

Question: If I get all the fuel through the system of the worlds of impurity, what can take me out of the control of the egoistic kingdom to the spiritual world?

Answer: The same spiritual forces can throw us out of the spiritual level so we can better understand our situation.

Question: What does it mean to be like a Kabbalistic teacher if he is already in spirituality and I am still in materiality?

Answer: To help him by understanding what he wants from you. In this world, this is the main work of a person who has a teacher. This is better than doing any other actions and receiving instructions.

Question: How do I want spiritual advancement?

Answer: Become integrated in a group. Only if a person is included in a group and advances together with it, can he advance seriously. Without friends, he will not have the strength to move forward.

Question: Does the soul remember its previous lives when it is in the spiritual world after the death of the body, and can it influence its correction?

Answer: What prevents it from making corrections during the life of the beastly body? There is no limit to the state of the soul in relation to it. Nothing changes as a result of the rotting of the beastly body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/19/19

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The Speed Of Spiritual Development And Reincarnation

760.4Question: Does the speed of my development and ascent to the spiritual world depend on my previous lives and the reincarnation of my soul?

Answer: Certainly it depends on that. This is not the first time we are in this world.

It is hard to explain what death and birth mean, how we disconnect from ourselves today and reconnect, how certain memories are regenerated within us, and we think that we existed some time ago, etc.

This is not easy to depict for now. However, we are in the process of a long progression of correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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New Life #146 – Israel Can Learn About Connection From The Army

New Life #146 – Israel Can Learn about Connection from the Army
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The Israeli Defense Force has a spirit of connection, unity, and Arvut (mutual responsibility). This military connection could provide Israelis with an example to follow that could solve all their social problems. Israel is in a constant state of war militarily, economically, and socially. Everyone wants to rise above others, earn as much as possible, acquire the most, and be alone at the top. The excessive consumption and individualism are contrary to the original spirit of Israel. Israelis need to fight the egocentric spirit that inundates us. We need a new education, culture, and approach to communication. We need a spiritual revolution based on mutual warmth, vitality, and consideration of others. The true connection that will come from the Israeli people will lead all of humanity to rise to a new eternal pleasure.
From KabTV’s “New Life #146 – Israel Can Learn about Connection from the Army,” 2/21/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 2/18/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Bnei Baruch as a State of Transition”

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