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Restriction (Katnut) means to restrict oneself, to want to receive nothing, to be willing to remain in one’s state forever. To achieve it is to reach adhesion. To create such a state is fundamental in giving birth to the new degree, and this state is supposed be eternal.
Whereas the great state (Gadlut) is an addition.

Just as parts of the atom unite, as atoms unite into molecules and molecules into complex organisms, so any creature is built. Everything depends on the degree of its elements’ connection.
Thus spiritual progress takes place by virtue of our connections ….
…. and the more complex it is, the higher we rise spiritually.

In the process of the Soul’s correction toward similarity with the Creator, new parts and connections are not added to creation, given the broken connections between all its parts. The connections between the parts are only corrected ….
…. which in the attainment of their breakage and unity, elicits attainment of the Creator.

Coming closer to the Creator is possible only to the extent of coming closer to friends. The soul was created by the Creator in small unity (Kli GE with the light of NR). Then it broke. When we come closer, the lights of NaRaN in the Kli of AHP complete the soul …
… till the light of Infinity, full attainment of the Creator.

The Book of #Zohar is the Book of Radiance. It came to us through the centuries—great Kabbalists of all generations bowed down and opened their hearts before it.
This book is the instructions for every person to become happy, to reveal the upper world in this life.

In all Biblical sources, the word “MASHBER”, which we translate as “CRISIS,” means birth, birth of the new, rather than death of the old!
See the Prophet Isaiah 37:2-3. In the Talmud, MASHBER means a special place for a woman giving birth, where she gives birth (also see Hosea 13).

The liberal world order, as a post-WWII period, is over. Humanity’s progress has reached an impasse. We are at the final stage of the development of egoism, which has exhausted its resources.
Next: we are to undergo above-egoistic progress.
This new phase of global development is revealed in Kabbalah.

The aspiration, WITHOUT FIRST CORRECTING THE NATIONS’ EGOISM, to unite them into #EU, brought to light the impossibility of the union, while expansion accelerated the project’s failure. Europe’s influence is on the decline, the future of the EU poses a threat to the whole world.
The #EU project is over. We talked about this at the start of the project!
From Twitter, 2/18/19

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