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Europe’s economics and finance commissioner: the European zone was designed as a means of balancing the economies of the EU states, but has resulted in the opposite.
Balancing earnings is only possible by bringing together the people of the #EU
… which they’ll have to achieve through education (either before or after #Brexit and war).

At the Convention we hope to attain unity by which we will rise to the spiritual degree, where no one will be able to interfere with our dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah, meaning knowledge of the Creator, to all mankind—turning all residents of Earth …
… into dwellers of the spiritual Paradise.

The power of ego (darkness) is felt in the impossibility to overcome it. These descents from the path of truth lead to prayer for help, which he will receive if he doesn’t run away from the work, seeing that he does not advance—since advancing means attaining darkness, a Kli
…. the need for filling by Light, the quality of bestowal.

There are 3 stages to studying Kabbalah:
1. Kabbalah about our world, the ego as human nature.
2. The upper world: the worlds’ development from the thought of creation down to our world, from above downward, the elements and degrees of the worlds.
3. Spiritual work ….
—rising from our world to the thought behind it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is aimed at teaching one how to attain the Creator’s revelation within. Not to reveal with one’s reason, but to adhere to Him until you feel Him “to the bone,” i.e., to reveal the Upper Force in its complete perception: in the sensations, in the mind …
…. with every cell that can think and feel.

If we relate to the people as the Creator’s abode, we’ll be able to attain the upper world, faith above reason, degrees of the spiritual worlds.

We can only ascend spiritually by bringing correction to the people. After all, “the Creator resides in his people,” is revealed through the AHP. Caring for the people is equal to caring for the Creator.

Our entire work is aimed at exiting the intentions for oneself into intentions for the Creator. We want to feel His greatness, with love toward the Creator. All the pleasure and reward lies in serving the Creator, and not in compensation for our efforts, but in the work itself
…. being felt as the reward!
From Twitter, 2/13/19

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