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The ten works like a pump: having fallen into a new ego phase, one can’t free himself, but the ten works on him. This is group work, not an individual job. Everyone individually awakens the ten to the work. Or, the Creator takes pity on him, but this is not a spiritual ascent.

Fear is the sensation in the desire to receive pleasure, while awe is the feeling in the desire to bestow. Therefore, one has to maximally exalt the greatness and significance of the group and the Creator, so that this became the driving force, pulling forward …
…. not the fear pushing one from behind.

The proper help to the friend in descent is to descend to his condition and gradually rise with him, using the opportunity to turn his descent into ascent. And the friend will rise because he partook in the guarantee and invested his efforts into becoming one with the ten.

If I break away from the ten, it means that I break away from the Creator. And if I think that I’m still connected to the Creator, then it is not the Creator, but His opposite; as it is said: “It is not Me whom you called upon, Jacob” (Lo oti karata, Yaakov).

If everything comes from the Creator, the Good Who does good, except whom there is none else and no-one can stop Him from delighting all creatures, then what could be bad? It is only that I, like a rotten child, don’t see that the parents do everything for my benefit …
…. yet the world seems bad to me.

I am willing to keep the connection with the Creator, but through the group, and it is constantly interrupted. Therefore, I am in fear of losing my soul, the Kli, the ten.
What if I suddenly fall and the stream washes me away and the group is unable to save me?
Or they won’t be able to dig me up and get me out of my selfish prison?

Trust that the Creator is engaged in everything concerning a person’s development and guides him to the goal all the time. Rejoice that the Creator fosters you in both—descents and ascents, that everything is for your growth. Always act as if in an ascent.

After all, the fall leads to adhesion with the Creator. This is how the Creator is pulling a person to Himself.

The difference between fear and trepidation?
If I act out of fear about myself, my ego—it is fear.
If out of a desire to bestow to the Creator, without thinking about myself, it is called awe.
Fear is where my ego is, for my sake. Fear is a result of the lack of faith.
Awe is where it is for the sake of the Creator.

It’s fine if I feel confused, like a child who doesn’t understand what they want from him. But I’m not going to perceive the spiritual with my feelings and mind. This confusion and helplessness are given to me as help from above, so that I stick to the Creator …
… and by doing so open a new channel of perception.

If one falls below the level at which he thinks he should be, he gets the strength to fight the descent and is forced to increase the Greatness of the Creator within—until he understands that it is the obstacles that create the place for the revelation of the Creator’s light.
The sinner prepares, and the righteous will clothe. Obstacles are the Kli of the light.

By trying to jump over the desire to enjoy (receive pleasure) to the desire to bestow (delight), i.e., to attribute all the events to the Creator, we resemble chicks learning to fly: they jump, trying to fly. In the end, they succeed, and begin to float in the air …
… whereas we strive for adhesion.

If you don’t enjoy thinking of the Creator, then you don’t feel His greatness.
If thoughts of His greatness don’t help, ask the Creator to open your heart, to experience His greatness. Regret that you don’t feel His greatness.
Rejoice that you suffer from the lack of the spiritual. After all, it is the Creator who desires so.

The path of faith above reason means not to reckon with feelings and knowledge. To trust that the Creator governs everything determines my states and sensations exactly as He wants them. But the feeling doesn’t matter to me; I desire to delight the Creator.
By doing so, I exist in perfection and get closer to Him.

The Book of Zohar about 3 fears: for life in this world, for the next world, and failure to reach adhesion with the Creator for His sake. In descent, we fall to fear 1 and have to rise to fear 2 and 3—with the help of the ten, like a prisoner from his confinement.
Animal fear transforms into trepidation to underestimate the Creator’s value within the group.

Material fear is indicative of the lack of awe. If my fear is related to the Creator—awe—there is no place for the earthly fear, for I will raise it to the spiritual level. What matters is why I act—to withdraw from the earthly fear or enjoy it as an incentive to attain awe.

Fear only the fact that you may stop thinking about the Creator, that
1. There is none else besides Him
2. He is good Who does good,
that you will fall into the sensation of this world as the only one,
that you will neglect the Creator, instead of appreciating Him,
…. that you will detach yourself from the ten and forget about the friends.

Imagine that you have attained faith in the Creator, the sensation that the Creator governs everything as Good Who Does good. And seeing the opposite, one should go above reason, as if he feels Goodness. Thus, one acquires the importance of the goal, and a life …
i.e., the joy of drawing closer to the Creator. Then one has the strength and the place to exalt Him.
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