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My Thoughts On Twitter 2/1/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Baal HaSulam, Fruits of Wisdom, Torah, “Not the time to gather the flock”:
One may not leave society and ask for oneself, even to please the Creator, but must pray only for society. For one who leaves society to ask for himself does not create, but (Kol Hamitgaeh) ….
…. causes the soul’s demise.

Arvut is a law of nature. We will be convinced that everything depends on observance of this law, and the whole Torah is about its observance.
Hence we receive Torah only by agreeing to the condition of mutual guarantee.
All the commandments are the Creator’s instruction to attain mutual guarantee.
This is the goal of our development.

Civilization developed in the West and was exported to the whole world, resulting in scientific, cultural, economic and human rights achievements…
But the world is rotting: what was useful yesterday is harmful today.
The #liberals who once protected freedoms are now suppressing anyone who thinks differently, aiming to subvert society.

The heart is a desire, covered by the egoistic intention.
If we rub our hearts against each other, we will peel the egoistic shell, intention, off the hearts, and instead of it will get an intention of bestowal—and the heart will be filled with upper light.
From Twitter, 2/1/19

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The Importance Of Friends

laitman_939.01Question: Is the the only salvation for a person engaged in spiritual work the friends?

Answer: There are two approaches here. First, I save myself in order to save them. Indeed, thanks to them, I can pull myself out of the stream of egoism in order to give myself to them. Second, I cannot save myself, only they can save me.

In both cases, the importance of friends is purely altruistic. This constitutes mutual guarantee. If so, the prayer is obtained for all.

Question: So I ask my friends to save me in order for me to save them later? That is, I do not need my life…

Answer: For your sake, you wouldn’t do it. This is called above life and above death; it is behind the screen. When we nullify ourselves and move toward connection, the purely individual calculation is no longer there, both psychologically and spiritually.

Question: So without the help of friends, I cannot be in the right intention and prayer toward them? Do I receive strength from them in order to give even more strength to them?

Answer: Yes. All work is only for a group of friends. You understand that they are you. This is your spiritual “I,” your real realization.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/6/18

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Secrets And Angels

712.03Question: Adam HaRishon wrote a book called The Secret Angel. Kabbalah seems to be a science, but this book is about secrets and angels?

Answer: “Secret” means hidden and nothing else. Everything that is hidden from me is called a secret, and the moment it is revealed, it becomes a reality.

“Angel” is a force. Any forces of nature are called angels. For example, the force of gravity: if now something falls to the floor, it means that the Earth has a force that attracts everything above it. This force is called the angel of attraction. “Angel,” in Hebrew “Malach, stems from the word “Malchut.” We call any particular properties of Malchut, angels.

Question: How is the hidden force that Adam attained different from electromagnetic waves and the force of gravity?

Answer: Adam revealed the common force of nature, which governs the whole universe, all of creation, our world and the upper world. He called it the Creator, “Boreh,” which means “Creator.” That is, he realized that this force creates. In addition, Boreh, means “Bo and Reh“: come, discover, and see, attain. Adam experienced all of this himself and described it in the book The Secret Angel.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 9/16/18

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New Life 1081 – Equality And Wholeness In Nature

New Life 1081 – Equality And Wholeness In Nature
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

All people are equal because they were created by nature. There is nothing superfluous in the world. If one part is missing, the entire system lacks something. Everyone is important in the general system of souls. Society needs to respect the unique contribution of each person just like each part of the body makes a different but important contribution to the functioning of the whole. If I can do without a person, it is a sign that I disregard the general law of creation. It is up to each one to be a guarantor for others, to be concerned for their welfare, and to be responsible for everyone. Nature is advancing us toward this understanding of the importance of equality. The more human relationships differ from the laws within nature, the more we are harmed and suffer. We can either develop through blows and suffering or from awareness and understanding. In the end, we will come to embrace equality one way or another. The upper force created us as egoists and left room for us to correct ourselves. In a corrected society a person will feel free like a baby in the hands of his mother and will enjoy everyone else’s enjoyment.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1081 – Equality And Wholeness In Nature,” 12/18/18

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