Secrets And Angels

712.03Question: Adam HaRishon wrote a book called The Secret Angel. Kabbalah seems to be a science, but this book is about secrets and angels?

Answer: “Secret” means hidden and nothing else. Everything that is hidden from me is called a secret, and the moment it is revealed, it becomes a reality.

“Angel” is a force. Any forces of nature are called angels. For example, the force of gravity: if now something falls to the floor, it means that the Earth has a force that attracts everything above it. This force is called the angel of attraction. “Angel,” in Hebrew “Malach, stems from the word “Malchut.” We call any particular properties of Malchut, angels.

Question: How is the hidden force that Adam attained different from electromagnetic waves and the force of gravity?

Answer: Adam revealed the common force of nature, which governs the whole universe, all of creation, our world and the upper world. He called it the Creator, “Boreh,” which means “Creator.” That is, he realized that this force creates. In addition, Boreh, means “Bo and Reh“: come, discover, and see, attain. Adam experienced all of this himself and described it in the book The Secret Angel.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 9/16/18

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  1. “89. But the place of my father’s dwelling was in the Great Sea. And he was
    a big fish that continually circled the Great Sea, from one end to the other.
    And he was mighty and he grew old, until he swallowed up all the other fish
    in that sea. And then he released them, and they were thriving and filled
    with all of the very best of the world. And it was in his power to swim across
    the entire sea in one instant. And He pulled him out and hauled him in
    with an arrow, like a warrior, and brought him to the place that I told you
    about, to the tower that soars in the air, but he returned to his place and
    disappeared in that sea”. – מתוך ספר הזוהר

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