Adam And His Book The Angel Raziel

Laitman_137Question: Scientists believe that in the time of Adam, writing had not yet been invented. Is there proof that the book The Angel Raziel was written by him?

Answer: The book The Angel Raziel was written by Adam in the form of tablets and was passed down from generation to generation. Over the years it has been discovered that Egyptian hieroglyphics were created from the ancient Hebrew alphabet that existed even in the days of Adam.

You can buy the book today, and on its first page it is indicated that according to tradition it was written by Adam HaRishon (the first man), meaning the first person who attained the Creator, not the first man on the face of the Earth.

Remark: As far as I know, only Kabbalists say this since religious people believe that the world began from Adam and atheists don’t believe in anything.

My Comment: Belief in the Creator appeared around 2,000 years ago and atheists appeared only recently. It is necessary to understand where everything comes from and to look at history as it has existed and operated throughout the generations.

If we open books that were written in the 11th century by Kabbalists in Europe, like Maimonides (Rambam) or Rashi, there is confirmed documentation stating that these books were theirs.

The Talmud, which was written in the fourth century, tells about its authors and was written in an understandable language, which we read and speak today. The Torah appeared 1,500 years before the Talmud. Earlier, 3,700 years ago, the Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation) was written by Abraham in ancient Babylon, and in the year 1600 BCE the “Great Commentary” was written. This information is widely documented and certified and was passed down from generation to generation.

Remark: But there are two types of people that exist in the world, those who don’t believe in anything, and those who believe that Adam HaRishon is the same Adam HaRishon created by the Creator. But they claim that “Adam” was the first person to attain spirituality, is claimed only by the Kabbalists.

My Comment: Kabbalah counts the time of the creation of Adam differently than what is customarily accepted. The creation of Adam is the appearance of the feeling of the Creator within us, and only when we attain the next higher level of our existence can we be called Adam. Before that, we exist on the animate level.

Human beings were in the world tens of thousands of years before the birth of Adam, who also had parents and relatives, but he was the first to attain the hidden forces of nature, and since he discovered his roots, he was called “Adam,” resembling (Domeh) the Creator, because attainment of the Creator made it possible to resemble Him to a certain extent.

Question: I read Adam’s book and did not understand anything. What does the book The Angel Raziel by Adam describe?

Answer: It is necessary to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah to understand what is written in the book. This is not a simple book; its language is complicated to understand, even though we speak this language today. It does not change because it only has spiritual roots in its foundation. Also, since the spiritual forces that manage our world have not changed for thousands of years, the language and laws of its grammar remain the same.

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