A Book From The Depths Of Time

laitman_527_07Question: You say that Adam wrote the first Kabbalistic book. For whom did he write it? After all, he was alone, he was the first man.

Answer: Of course there were other people living in the time of Adam and before him. The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t deny Darwin’s theory of evolution. Adam was one of the people living in his time.

He was born 5,776 years ago and we celebrate his birthday as the Jewish New Year. Adam was the first to discover the whole system of creation, the system of the upper world, which we study today and want to discover by ourselves just as he did. We are his followers.

In those days he had students and we are also called his students. In Hebrew man is called “ben Adam” – the son of Adam. All of us are the sons of Adam. His book is meant for all the generations that follow him!

Question: Was the book written in Hebrew?

Answer: Yes. Adam developed this language according to the spiritual powers he had discovered. He had to develop and process a suitable language in order to describe the upper world in the language of our world. This is how the Hebrew alphabet appeared. He wrote the first book in Hebrew called HaMalach Raziel (Secret Angel).

Since then Kabbalists write in Hebrew because this is the only language by which you can convey the complete information from the top down, from the upper world to our world. Writing Hebrew letters and the order of the words carry a special spiritual meaning in addition to the ordinary meaning.

There is a special book called the Tikkun Soferim (Correction of the Readers), which is about how to write correctly. In Russian it was once called “calligraphy.” I remember in school we were taught how to write beautifully to display the letters. According to Tikkun Soferim, the size, the length and the width of every letter, the order of the letters in a word, and the laws of building words from letters is a very complex system, but what is most important is the actual language. Words are created by the combination and place of the letters, and the words build a sentence.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/4/15

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