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My Thoughts On Twitter 2/28/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

-How do we accept evil?
-There is no evil. Evil shows a person that he hasn’t yet attained perfection in goodness. Unrevealed good is felt as evil. And it is felt clearly, vividly, so man will pay attention to where else he can additionally correct this quality and turn it to good.

“Torah and work” means one studies Torah so Torah will bring him the Light of Torah, so he could shift his attention from reception to bestowal, which will allow him to connect to the Creator, which is called studying “Li Shma.
(Rabash, “Torah and Work by the Path of the Creator”)

It is essential for everyone to study Kabbalah. Even if one learns the entire Torah and becomes the most righteous of his generation, if he hasn’t learned Kabbalah, he must return to this world to learn the secrets of Kabbalah. (Baal HaSulam, foreword to the book, The Sage’s Mouth)

Initially the system is set in the initial and final states. Only the character of motion is up to us: by accelerating the path, we evade the blows with our efforts, the path of good development.
By slowing down the path, we elicit negative influences upon us ….
—the path becomes a path of suffering.

The topic of “love and hate,” the need to balance these two qualities of our nature, passed through the whole convention like a red thread.
#spirituality #love #hate

The international Kabbalah congress in Israel just finished—it was attended by over 5,000 students from different countries, from distant corners of the world.
#kabbalah #convention #TelAviv

There is no difference between the Torah of the world of Atzilut and the Torah of our world, between the wisdom of Kabbalah and the open Torah. The difference is only in the one who studies: though they study the same text, for one the Torah will be the wisdom of Kabbalah …
… but for another—the open Torah of the world of Assiya. (Baal HaSulam. Foreword to TES, 147).

Revealed and concealed Torah is the same, since everything is determined by man’s intention. If one wishes to know—he doesn’t reveal Torah. But if he wishes to come nearer to the Creator with his qualities, he will be able to attain this by the revealed and concealed Torah …
…. but he will attain it faster with the concealed one.

Kabbalah demands sagely investigators of hearts that devote 20 to 30 years to it, and who are only then able to testify to it. (Baal HaSulam. Kabbalah and Philosophy)
The Torah is attained only in a group. (Bavli, Brachot 63,2)
The ten sits and works in the Torah—the Schechinah among them. (Avot 3,6)

From Twitter, 2/28/19

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A Month of Jew-Hatred

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/27/19

A month of hatred has landed on world Jewry: swastikas and graffiti throughout the United States, anti-Semitic slogans in every European city, desecrated graves in Eastern Europe, and the horrible attack on Argentina’s chief rabbi. These are only some of the cases reported in the media.

How is it possible that in 2019 anti-Semitism is erupting in every corner of the world? How are Jews still persecuted? How is it that the same hatred reigns in Argentinians, the French, Americans and Russians? How could it be that the brilliant Jewish mind, which had just flew a spaceship to the moon and picked up an Oscar, has not managed to defeat the thousands-of-years-old hatred towards us?

The problem with anti-Semitism lies in our lack of understanding its root cause. Since we never treat the root of it, it keeps coming back to haunt us wherever we go.
Kabbalists, on the other hand, have always pointed to the root of anti-Semitism as well as the solution for it. For them, the resurgence of anti-Semitism in our time is neither surprising nor is it a passing fad.

The anti-Semitic hostility towards the Jews is an expression of an inexplicable feeling, an inherent demand that lies in humanity. This is why Jews are typically blamed for all the evils in the world. While very few anti-Semites can articulate their claim, a deep-seated demand towards the Jews is subconsciously brewing in every person in the world.

We Jews are deluding ourselves. We believe the hatred stems from envy: Jews are smart, successful and innovative, they control the media, banks and commerce. But these are no more than superficial justifications that both we and our haters use in order to rationalize the hatred.

This is precisely what the greatest Kabbalist of the previous century, Yehuda Ashlag, wrote about: “Israel is hated by all nations, whether it is due to religion, race, capitalism, communism, cosmopolitanism, and so forth. This is because hatred precedes all other reasons, and yet each one resolves his hatred according to his own psychology.”

Kabbalists describe anti-Semitism as a law of nature. It stems from the inherent connection between Israel and the nations of the world. The role of the Jewish people is to pave the way for unity above all differences between human beings. Human unity is the only solution to all the evils in the world, and nature directs the whole of humanity towards unity.

Hence the forecast: anti-Semitism will continue and intensify until we internalize and fulfill our function in the world – to serve as an example of unity for the rest of humanity. This is how we will become “a light unto the nations,” since “the Israeli nation had been constructed as a kind of gateway through which the sparks of purification will flow onto all of mankind throughout the world, until they can perceive the pleasantness and serenity that exist in the kernel of love of others.” (Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag, “The Arvut“).

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Fall Into Reason And Rise Into Faith

laitman_276.05Question: Why does animal fear come back from time to time although I have already made sure and felt that no evil comes from the Creator?

Answer: It does not matter. I can understand that everything comes from the Creator, He plays with me like that. And then—oops! I’m shaking like a rabbit under a bush again.

Question: What is the way out of this?

Answer: Move forward rising by faith above reason. Only this. Thank the Creator for leading us through such animalistic fears. In this way we will be constantly moving.

Everything depends on the group, on how much a person rises in faith above reason.

Question: Is a Kabbalist afraid too?

Answer: A Kabbalist has even deeper fears. Especially during the descents. He cannot be in faith above reason all the time. He must fall into reason and then rise into faith. And he agrees to everything.

He goes through states that are much sharper and more controversial than a common man. His states of fear and devotion to the goal literally throw him from the abyss to the peak.

Question: Is it true that a Kabbalist is not afraid for himself, but is only afraid not to harm the Creator.

Answer: How could he not be afraid for himself? If he does not experience such states, in relation to what will he measure himself? As it is written: “When you hid your face, I was terrified.” The Creator gives him such states.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/14/2018

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New Life 158 – The Ten Commandments, Part 1

New Life 158 – The Ten Commandments, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Mount Sinai symbolizes a mountain of hatred (Sinah) and mutual rejection above which we must connect. The revelation of divinity at Mount Sinai is the discovery of the characteristic of mutual bestowal between people. Kindness and love for others, taught by Abraham, is at the foundation of the people of Israel. The people of Israel are destined to become a “kingdom of priests” (Exodus 19:10) and bring all of humanity to connection and love.
From KabTV’s “New Life 158 – The Ten Commandments, Part 1,” 3/17/13

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