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All problems in life are given to me like school assignments—by solving them with the intention to attain the Creator with my qualities, I grow closer and closer to Him. If man knew this and perceived his life in this way, he would see it as a unique opportunity ….
…. to come out of the cage of this world into an infinite world!

The correction of the soul, Adam, is a reciprocal inclusion, the inclusion of everyone’s work in all, for everyone’s sake, and only in doing so—for himself. And this is the proper spiritual correction. In this measure, a spiritual sensation is born—a feeling of unity,
… of the upper world and the force filling it—the Creator.

Collection of laws (Choshen Mishpat). Guarantor’s Laws: One can carry out the Torah and Commandments only in the guarantee, when each is charged for the other. After all, the basis of implementing the Torah is a desire acquired in unity, by those who want to take upon themselves …
… the fulfillment of the Torah and Commandments.

In the guarantee all are considered one. And this is the essence of doing the Torah. After all, the main thing in unity is fulfilling each other’s desires, and all are included in one desire, thanks to which they’re included in the desire of the Upper—the ultimate goal of the unity.
(Choshen Mishpat)

In each person, there are 613 egoistic desires, arising from the breaking of the soul—the network of our connections. They need to be corrected in the connection of all with all. Only by restoring the connections between all the separated parts of the soul will we unite ….
… into one soul and reveal the Creator within us.

Those who strive to reach the Creator (Isra-El) are honored to receive the Torah, the light of correction, if they agree to carry out a mutual guarantee (arvut). After all, the Torah (the reforming light) is given to correct egoism —(“I created the ego and gave the Torah to correct it)—to achieve “Love of others.”

The condition to receive the Torah is a togetherness of people striving to attain the meaning of life, ready to overcome the mountain of hatred, Sinai. Discovering egoism, weakness, they need the Torah—the force that unites them, corrects egoism for connection and love …
i.e., fulfills the commandments and their purpose “Love others.”

Since the 20th century, world crises and economic recessions have been accompanied by a drop in mortality. And vice versa, during periods of economic growth, disease and mortality increased.
Kabbalah: Nature shows that production higher than necessary for simple existence ….
… leads to misfortune and death.

The revelation of the Creator to you is in the hands of your friend, and this is his job. Even before you experienced a desire for the Creator, before you connected with the friend and absorbed the greatness of the Creator from him, the Creator gave you a desire for Himself.
It is He who manifested a desire for you, and not you for Him. Through the friend …

Mutual guarantee is a binding law, intentionally disclosed gradually, as a lack of connection between us, and only for those who aspire to a spiritual ascension, to a connection and unity between them. Therefore, only after they accept the law of mutual guarantee ….
… is the #Torah granted to them.

Mutual guarantee is the law of connection between all the parts of the common soul, broken up in order to discern the division, the cause of all evil, separation from the Creator, to realize the need for unity. Not just a link, like a knot or a spike ….
…. but everyone’s inclusion into all—to infinity.

In the #EU labor won’t fix #poverty. 22% of the EU population are at risk of poverty. Searching for problems will be fruitless. There’s only one problem: no unity between people, and hence no similarity to the integral nature.
When the social system is deformed, peace and prosperity cannot be expressed in it. But it exists!

By applying correct efforts we unite in the form called “the Creator,” attaining Him within ourselves. Only in our connection should we seek the Creator: “The Creator dwells among His people.” The ten’s center is the point of our balance, equality, mutual support, love …
—the formula of oneness.

We must help the world improve by our participation.
Perceive the world’s influence as help, not disturbances. Help against you, disturbances, is constant addition of desire to you—as you overcome it, you rise to the Creator.
Without it, you would be deprived of the opportunity to ascend.

The complete connection of souls into one means that each one connects the others, but no one can join himself to all. Therefore, the one who asks for himself is harming himself, for his request contradicts the law of the collective nature of the unified Soul.
The request should be only about the whole society (tfilat tzibur).

The #Torah is given only according to the need to reach the connection as the mutual guarantee. Otherwise, the Torah isn’t needed since its goal is to achieve love of others as yourself. And this is achieved by the guarantee.
Thus, the fulfillment of the #Torah and all the commandments is in the fulfillment of the law of mutual guarantee!

Baal HaSulam. “Fruits of Wisdom.” Torah. It is not the time for the livestock to be gathered:
“Do not depart from the public and ask for your personal need, even to please the Creator, but pray only for society.
For he who goes out of the society to ask for himself does not create, but (kol amitgae) inflicts ruin on his soul.”

Buy yourself a friend—I buy the friend’s thoughts and desires, not himself, not his good attitude. This acquisition of an unfulfilled desire, which I hadn’t had before, couldn’t have had, which would’ve never occurred naturally!

Spoken language is losing its power and significance. People need a more specific, internal language to communicate with each other—not by sound or light waves, but direct communication by thoughts and feelings, bypassing the 5 bodily senses of perception ….
…. and translating them to sensations. A connection of minds and hearts.

#BBC: English artists called for cancellation of #Eurovision in Israel as a sign of solidarity with the protests against its politics. Kabbalah: If Israel doesn’t start uniting the population in the movement “Love your neighbor as yourself,” it will have no right to exist.

Egyptian exile is all our efforts to unite and discernment that we are unable to do it. Before we start uniting, we do not feel hunger —that we are in exile from unity; we are satisfied with our egoistic existence.

USA Association of Psychologists: Masculinity, domination, aggression harm society, lead to loss of contact with the environment. Kabbalah: in nature there is no harmful and useful. Everything is determined by the balance of forces.
Hence it is necessary to cultivate a striving for unity in society.

The soul is a spiritual connection system, built on the mutual rapprochement over the egoism that shoots us apart. The connection is called the construction of the soul or Adam. As we assemble, we begin to feel in the ties a special bonding strength called the Creator.

Growth of incomes over the necessary for existence practically doesn’t improve the assessment of one’s own well-being. But freedom, social support, justice improve the sense of personal well-being, especially in the needy, densely populated regions of the world. Kabbalah confirms.

It is impossible to fulfill any commandment without unity; all corrections are in connecting with others. Therefore, you should take care of others, fulfilling the commandments, that is, restoring connections between everyone, using the reforming light called “the Torah.”

#UN: There are more than 50 conflict zones in the world; 1.5 billion live under the threat of violence. UN sends peacekeepers, but it doesn’t help. The UN should be engaged in educating the population for unity; not hide behind blue helmets and act formally, but with bread and unity.

Dear Friends!
I hereby invite you to the great, World Kabbalah Convention.
This is a special Convention that is open to all. Every person will find his place there and will be able to find out how to really make our life much easier, safer, gentler and warmer.
From Twitter, 1/31/19

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