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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Man’s desire comprises 613 desires. Each must be corrected from reception to bestowal by the Torah’s light comprising 613 lights, of which each corrects one of 613 desires corresponding to it. After correction, the same light fills the desire it corrected—observes a Commandment.

The Creator made man in the desire to receive alone,
but under the Torah’s influence
man acquires the intention of bestowal,
thus becoming similar to the Creator
and starts to feel the upper world of the Creator.

I don’t work on my feeling and reason. I only aspire to be included in the group and through the inclusion to acquire new senses. In the connections with the friends I build Man, Adam, similar to the Creator. I don’t care about my current sensations since it is my animate degree.

It is written: great is the teaching leading to practical actions. The light obtained by practicing Kabbalah leads to practical actions—it returns a person to the Source, which is an action. This means that the light creates a new structure, HaVaYaH, the Temple, in one’s heart.

To turn an egoist into man (AdamEdame, similar to the Creator), the Creator gives man all the states one by one, opposite to Him, so that out of all the states (images) opposite to the Creator, man will prefer the ideal—being similar to the Creator, over his personal comfort.

I ask to feel Your greatness (faith).
In the measure of this sensation, I’ll be able to lower and cancel myself, my ego; not to follow the instructions of egoism that You created in me; but to do everything like You, in bestowal and love, “lishma.
You created the ego—and I ask You to reform it.

I’d like to act to delight the Creator, but the ego won’t let me!
If the Creator’s greatness is revealed to me, I can bestow as He does.
Therefore, I must engage in the Torah—to attain His greatness.
Hence all the conditions of engaging in Kabbalah, in a united group, etc., …
…. are to attain the greatness of the Creator!

The Creator: “I sold the Torah and Myself with it.” That is, if you take the Torah, you take the Creator too, since it’s impossible to use Torah without the Creator. Torah can be used as a means (Tavlin) to correct egoism and for reward in equivalence of form with the Creator.

By itself, study of the Torah doesn’t engage the Upper Light but merely lets one know about what was written (Hochma Bah Goim Ta’amin).
Spiritual work (Avodat Hashem) is studying the Torah by efforts, attracting the Upper Light to reform one’s intention to receive for oneself …
… to the intention to bestow to others and the Creator.

Until one gains the property of bestowal, Bina, Hassadim, faith, he is called goy.
He can attain the vestments of the Torah but not the Creator clothed in it. The outer vestments of the Torah are called outer knowledge, and not the Torah itself.
The #Torah is the attainment of the Creator, His being revealed.

Egoism doesn’t allow man to act against himself, depleting his energy.
But if man wishes to act for the Creator’s sake, he focuses only on the Creator’s light, on correction, as payment for all his efforts—only for the sake of a chance to bestow—and receives correction!

Sinking in egoism, one can only act for his own sake.
But if one acts against himself, he attracts the reforming light that makes him similar to the Creator.
Yet, he can act against himself only if the group pushes him to.
Hence it’s written: “One can’t get himself out of prison, but he can get saved by the friends!”
From Twitter, 1/12/19

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To See A Perfect World

laitman_751.1Question: To enter into a perfect world, into infinity, does it mean becoming perfect yourself, and from your corrected self, seeing perfection, eternity?

Answer: Yes, to the extent that I change within, I can see changes in the world around me.

Question: How do I come to the point that I myself have to change? After all, I am trying to change others my whole life.

Answer: Indeed, usually a person wants to change everyone else. He wants nothing more than to “bend” the world around him. However, in fact, the world does not bend. It is created such that if you want to bend it, you bend yourself. As a result, you will understand, perhaps not in one but in several lives, that you’re the one who needs to bend.

There is nothing demeaning about it. This is such an exciting game, such a fascinating, conceptual journey: while I am changing, I see the world around me also changing, like in a fairy tale. And it is possible.

Question: However, during the 70 to 80 years of one’s life, a person is somehow changing, which cannot be said about the world. What changes are you talking about?

Answer: The world is also changing a little, but only on that inanimate level at which people change. Why is the world today different from the world 100 years ago? Various technical and technological changes took place, climate conditions became different, some species of fauna and flora became extinct, etc. Everything comes from the fact that by changing, we see the world changing around us.

But these are very small changes at that same, inanimate level. It is not a new world. After all, we remain the same egoists.

Th fact is that when our material desires change, we begin to invent something ostensibly new. However, there is nothing to invent, because if a person begins to radically change his nature, his egoism, to the opposite property of bestowal and love, the property of connection with others, he then sees a completely different world through his new properties.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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How Do I Get The Right Answers?

laitman_528.01Question: How do I ask the teacher correctly in order to receive correct answers?

Answer: You cannot because no question deserves an answer and should not be accompanied by it. One must ask everything from oneself or from the Creator.

On some issues you should consult with your friends in order to get the strength to move forward, from the teacher you get instructions, and from the Creator—the power of your development, correction, and movement.

Therefore, the more we study, the fewer answers you will receive from me.

Remark: We often try to ask questions not for ourselves, but for the beginners.

My Comment: I always feel what I have to do. Therefore, if a new student appears instead of you, I will answer him at his level, and you will still receive nothing from it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/13/18

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New Life #126 – The Essence Of Communication, Part 1

New Life #126 – The Essence of Communication, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Communication is the essence of life and we feel dead without it. The levels of still, vegetative, animate, and speaking in nature all search for connection based on egoistic self-fulfillment, according to the formula of “for my own sake.” The connection is stronger between greater opposites and this contact has developed life ever since the Big Bang. Evolution is driving us to a new phase in the connection between us. It’s requiring us to find a complementary, two-way system of connection as in a stereo system. By nullifying the intention of “for my own sake” and developing the intention of “for the sake of others,” we are able to feel others as ourselves and acquire a new, whole method of communication The attempt to connect with others in this way reveals the oppositeness between us and we gradually discover that nature is like one big, whole ball an analog system. A new level of life is revealed by this two-way communication; a world of infinite information and emotion.
From KabTV’s “New Life #126 – The Essence of Communication, Part 1,” 1/15/13

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The Game That Awakens The Upper Light

laitman_942Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly 1”: In love of friends we should behave the same: After examining ourselves and following the known advice of praying, we should think as though our prayer has been answered and rejoice with our friends, as though all the friends are one body. And as the body wishes for all its organs to enjoy, we, too, want all our friends to enjoy themselves now.

Question: Rabash says that a person should behave as if his prayer has been accepted. But what should I do if my prayer has not been formed yet and I have not advanced?

Answer: It does not matter what you have gone through and what you have not. You can always implement the desired state as if you have attained it.

Question: Do I do it for others?

Answer: And for yourself as well. You play it and consequently excite the upper source that changes you.

You have to be certain that the Creator hears your prayer and replies immediately. It does not matter if you understand that you received the answer. You do not know if your prayer was accepted or not. You just have to have full confidence that it works.
From the TV Program “The Last Generation,” 6/13/18

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