Playing The Desired State

laitman_565.01Life is a game. It is so everywhere and always. This is determined by nature at all levels. In order to grow, change, dialectically build himself, and consistently develop, a person must be in the game!

Any blade of grass plays in order to grow. Look at puppies, kittens, anyone—everything is in a game. People are constantly playing, but do not feel it. A person goes to work, goes to the army, fights, and dies—it is all a game.

If I imagine the past, the present, and the future and connect between them, it is a game. That is, the game is a representation of the future state and the motion toward its implementation.

A person always plays in the future, no matter in which one. If he stops, it marks his death. That is how nature organizes it.

Question: Does the Creator receive pleasure from the fact that a person accepts this game?

Answer: By the fact that a person accepts this game, he himself obliges the Creator to play and becomes His partner. Therefore, he is called “Adam,” similar to the Creator, because he solves this whole game.

Exactly in this is the choice of freewill and the choice of the path. Either a person does not want participate in this or, on the contrary, he participates in order to reach a higher goal. He understands that this game is required only in order to elevate him to the next degree.

The game is a system of development of any part of nature at all levels.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/30/18

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