Acting As If I Love

laitman_938_02Question: I don’t have any positive feelings towards the group and the friends since it is merely pretense, a lie! What should I do?

Answer: It certainly is pretense and a lie. After all we are all initially only in our nature of “to receive” and this is what determines our actions. There are people, especially politicians who can pretend and act as if they worry about others, but a person who cannot stand lies cannot act as if he is “good.” He expresses what he actually feels.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, however, doesn’t call it a lie but acting! You should act as someone who loves, and only with regard to the friends, and don’t lie to them but to yourself in order to reach the goal, in order to set an example so that the friends will also act as kind and loving before you. As a result, the habit of acting becomes second nature in both directions, despite the fictitious behavior because a person begins to draw the Returning Light.

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