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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If we wish to be a people in our own land, we must aspire to the Creator’s condition, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Otherwise we will be exiled again!
#Israel #Jewish #antisemitism

Help against you: Thanks to disturbances, I can aim the heart’s focus at the Creator more and more closely. Note how much each disturbance is specifically aiming my focus at Him. Precisely thanks to disturbances, I can return to Him and assert that “there’s none else besides Him.”

Learn to see problems as the Creator’s invitation to come closer above the disturbances, adhere to Him above every disturbance. Then disturbances will turn from problems to assistants, directing you to the Creator. All of life will become like that.
By that we will justify the Creator and elevate ourselves to the degree of righteous.

Reacting to disturbances that aim me at the Creator, I can aspire to Him only through the center of my group (ten). Otherwise the aspiration is in the wrong direction. Precisely in the center of the group, where each one’s ego is annulled, only there, in connection of friends …
… is the Creator’s Temple and Himself.

The Creator is a force revealed in the center of a spiritual ten, where everyone unites in one desire—heart, exalting the friends and thus building the Creator’s image. By connecting desires properly, we get the Creator’s image.
The Creator is our proper connection.
Come – See = Bo-Re.
There is nothing else.

Today, we are at war with each other just as during the Temple’s destruction.
We’ve returned to our land, but do not correspond to it. This is why the world is chasing us out of here.
#Israel #BDS
If we wish to be a people in our own land, we must aspire to the Creator’s condition, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Otherwise we will be exiled again!
#Israel #Jewish #antisemitism

See your whole life only within the aim at the Creator, as the source of everything happening to you. From constant disturbances and distractions from the Creator, and return to Him, as the only source of disturbances, perceive all of life as an invitation to reveal ….
…. the Creator’s single force in all forms.

The manageable world order is over, due to the disrupted balance of forces, caused by the ego’s development. #Globalization destabilizes humanity, proliferating #cyber-weapons. Nationalism grows due to #inequality, #migrants, hatred in the media.
The #EU is a mistake, uniting egoists without education!

Question: What methods are there to educate society if the individual approach is most effective? How is unity to be expressed? Can we only provide maximum communications?
Kabbalah’s Answer: There is only one education method: to bring each person and everyone to the form of the single soul Adam.

The only reason and source of all thoughts and happenings is the need to bring you closer to revealing nature’s law, “There’s none else besides Him.” From every situation, you must attain the Creator’s oneness, how much He gives you a chance to refine and perfect your aim at Him.
From Twitter, 1/30/19

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Counter To Reason

laitman_232.02Question: Why does Kabbalah speak to me through the mind even though I don’t understand anything? Why does  it require change and work at the level of feelings  even though I don’t feel the upper world?

Answer: It is because our feelings lead to a new mind. Reason is the result of new desires and feelings.

For some reason, we believe that feelings and the mind are opposite to each other. It is not so! My feelings, that is, my desires and what I feel in them, practically determine my mind. Being determines consciousness.

By changing desires and their fulfillments, my mind changes. And if not, then I can go by faith above reason counter to it. The mind is not sacred to me, but sometimes it is more important than feelings because it gives me a certain degree, and I suppress my mind and go above it.

Reason says: “Expand your knowledge, your desires, and work with them.” And I answer: “No, I do not want to work with them because they do not give me the answer. I have to go a different way.”

What does counter to reason mean? I do not destroy my mind; I only say that what I see does not limit me. I have to climb a step higher than it.

What a step above the mind is, I do not know. Can I think of something higher than myself? So I appeal to my feelings and say: “My egoistic feelings are wrong. I will go with the properties of bestowal, not reception. This is the only way I will achieve the result. And then, my mind will change.”

We are influenced through the mind from above and I appeal to the feelings and go above them to the property of bestowal. And then, I reach a new level: new feelings and a new mind.
From the lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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On The Verge Of Breaking Into The Spiritual World

laitman_214Question: Was the desire for knowledge once an obstacle for the development of Kabbalah?

Answer: Thirst for knowledge pushed aside striving to attain the upper world and people began to engage in comprehending the material world. Since the middle of the 17th century there was interest in science and art and then the technological revolution occurred. This eclipsed humanity’s striving for spiritual knowledge.

If a person has interesting possibilities of revealing the secrets of nature of this world and attaining them, then why engage in something intangible, incomprehensible? This is how the first layer of the desire for knowledge appeared.

But at the beginning of the 20th century it became clear that science had exhausted itself and by the end of the century many scientists already said that the age of science was coming to an end and there was nowhere else to develop it. And today everyone agrees with this.

That is, there is nothing in the world we could discover that would really be a special breakthrough. There are even theorems about the finiteness of knowledge.

The science of Kabbalah explains that gaining knowledge is a human method and proceeds from our capabilities. We do not explore what the world is. We explore the world as it appears in our senses.

The world is matter given to us in our sensations. So we need to introduce a clear framework: where is the boundary of our attainment? And it turns out that it is very clear, simple, and close. In principle, we already feel it.

In this way, science, which blazed for 150 years, has practically burned out. And therefore, we are now on the threshold of breaking into the spiritual world.

Kabbalah predicted this many thousands of years ago. It clearly saw that at the end of the year 2000, when the realization of all of the ten Sefirot of the third world was completed, a feeling of their end would begin to appear as well as understanding that there should be a breakthrough to the upper area.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/7/18

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New Life 1076 – Eternal Enjoyment And Pleasure

New Life 1076 – Eternal Enjoyment And Pleasure
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The mechanism of enjoyment and pleasure is destructive like the angel of death that puts a drop of poison on the edge of a sword and forces a person to swallow it. Pleasure decreases after we have fulfilled and enjoyed ourselves. We replace small pleasures with bigger pleasures and pay for the chase throughout our lives. We increase the amount of drugs we take or change to a stronger drug to achieve the same level of pleasure. From a developmental point of view, the role of pleasure is to teach us how to transcend the natural mechanism and understand what real pleasure and suffering are. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to receive so that we experience eternal pleasure and life. Pleasure can pass through us endlessly and without limit when we learn the importance of influencing others in a positive way.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1076 – Eternal Enjoyment And Pleasure,” 12/11/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/30/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Arvut” (Preparation for the Convention in Arava 2019)

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16, Table of Answers for the Meaning of the Words, Item 316

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Future Generation” 

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