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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/7/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Exercise: Everyone cancels himself, his self-love before the group, the ten—until one feels it as a single organism, feels that he loves the friends, and then—that he loves the Creator.

Exercise: A member of the group should view himself in the group as a grain planted in the ground. And strive to dissolve in the group, like a grain decomposes in the soil—to grow in a new capacity.

Exercise: Imagine that with each effort of cancelling ourselves and plugging into the group, brick by brick we build the Temple out of our efforts, the collective aspiration above us to the Creator, until “And I will dwell among you” manifests in our Temple.

Exercise: To be in a group in the search and request for achieving unity, when everyone dissolves in the friends; and together, as one, to aim for the Creator, who is waiting for them.

It’s important to prepare for the lesson. From waking up until arriving at the study hall, I must constantly think about why I am doing all of it.
That’s the only way to start the lesson with the right intention and start advancing toward greater unity among friends, and that means
—toward the Creator.

Studying means checking, together with friends, how connected I am to them. If I advance, then at first I feel rejected by the friends and the study. Thus an opportunity of correction, convergence, is revealed to me. Or, vice versa, I passionately aspire to greater unity.

In aspiration to or rejection from the group, I need Torah, the light that returns me to the Creator, who will connect me to others. Inside unity, the quality of bestowal is revealed to reveal the Creator in it. Study is an auxiliary means; the main thing is connection between us.

Articles help one get organized properly, while TES [Talmud Eser HaSefirot – The Study of the Ten Sefirot] draws the light that reforms. Yet its study entails a risk: study for knowledge’s sake rather than Torah, correction. It’s important for knowledge to come from acts of unity, bestowal. One must study only for bestowal’s sake.

People would do anything to reveal the upper world.
But Kabbalah teaches that revelation of the upper is possible only by drawing the light of correction, called Torah, OM [Ohr Makif – surrounding light]. It’s called study in our unity. Only unity and study with an intention of correction are spiritual actions!
From Twitter, 1/7/19

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Who Do We Mean By The Term “Kabbalist”?

Laitman_632.3Question: Who do we mean when we say “Kabbalist”?

Answer: The soul. If a person, while correcting his egoistic desires, has created from them a likeness of the Creator, then such a state of desire is called “the soul.” More precisely, the soul is called the part of the desires that have become similar to the Creator. The term “Kabbalist” means a person who has such a desire.

Desire, first restriction, screen, reflected Light, coupling while striking, receiving for the sake of bestowal—that is the Partzuf, the soul.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 8/19/18

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Time Of Joy

laitman_938.03Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly – 1,” Article No. 17, Part 2, 1984: Hence, after all the calculations comes the time of joy and love of friends. At that time, everyone should feel happy, as though one had just sealed a very good deal that will earn him lots of money. And it is customary that at such a time he gives drinks to the friends.

If a person has sincerely invested in spiritual work, he will have absolute satisfaction that everything ended well. When you expect special conditions, it means that you are neither in bestowal, nor in prayer, but just in your egoism.

Question: How should I feel when I leave the gathering of friends?

Answer: As if you remain at least at the same level and now you advance. Friends gave you an elevation and you received strength for further advancement.

Because now he is happy, he wishes his friends to feel good, too. Hence, the dispersion of the assembly should be in a state of joy and elation.

Joy is a sign that the gathering of friends went correctly. You are glad that in this way you performed a certain spiritual action, practical work.

As much as a person can keep himself in a state of excitement, this is progress.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/13/18

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New Life 1069 – Spiritual Charisma

New Life 1069 – Spiritual Charisma
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Spiritual charisma is demonstrated when I make myself a zero in order to benefit others and the Creator. The greater a person is, the more he wants to nullify his egoistic charisma and serve others. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches a person how to use the power of the ego as the left line and build the spiritual self above it. A truly charismatic person evokes feelings of fullness, transcendence, pride, importance, and confidence in others. This type of person can be found anywhere, in any situation, without limit. In the future society, each person will realize himself for the good of others, giving the Creator a place to be revealed.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1069 – Spiritual Charisma,” 11/20/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/7/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Right Way To Study The Wisdom Of Kabbalah”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16, Table of Answers for the Meaning of the Words, item 256

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 

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