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laitman_939_01Comment: I have this feeling that, in our ten, we do not observe the rules of the workshop. If we were to observe them, then the connection would be achieved much faster. I think that, through it, we are just harming the other circles.

Answer: Look at how small children grow, how many falls they take, how many messes they make, and how much they break. We are going through very intense, very serious states.

First of all, we need to thank the Creator for what we are going through. Being unsatisfied and critical is not bad either. However, on the other hand, we need to understand that taking falls, getting bumps, getting back up, crying, and so on, all of this is necessary and natural. Without all that, neither humans nor animals can develop. However, for animals all that happens instinctively, while for us it is through trial and error.

Despite the sages’ advice, the original sources and instructions, a person still does not know what he is doing, what he is getting into, and where he is headed. He simply agrees with everything because he is being pushed toward it from above, getting switched on from within. Gradually, we are beginning to realize more and more what we are dealing with, the states we are going through, both against my nature and along with my nature.

We should not pass over them, for it is worthwhile to try to exit our original nature because going deeper inward is only possible when you are trying to come outside of it, only in the positive direction.

In so doing, one must not delve into their feelings, eat their own flesh, cry on someone’s shoulder, and reveal weakness to oneself and others, and if it might seem to you that you are a person of truth and acting according to your feelings, then you will not be able to move in this direction because it should always be toward the Light.

Therefore, we always should be playing in front of each other, enacting enthusiasm, support, happiness, and fulfillment. Everyone should have a huge smile and ooze vibes of happiness as if we have already received what we desire. We need to be firmly connected to each other and feel that together we are one indivisible whole.

In the Torah it is written that a large number of people came out of Egypt and divided into tens, hundreds, and thousands. If we begin to add up these numbers, we would get a population of many thousands, all interconnected.

Also, division into tens is necessary in order for us to band together in internal work. This is why I am asking: intermix among yourselves. However, most importantly, do so with an open smile and heart.

Each of us is responsible for everyone else. If someone is in a bad mood, has a void in their eyes, and so on, then I am responsible for whatever is happening to him. It means that I am not radiating the joy and energy that should fill everyone. If I am relating to everyone correctly and want to radiate positive energy, then I most certainly will start receiving it from above.

Thus, whatever we might be doing, we are thinking about how to fill everyone else with joy, happiness, confidence, and mutual guarantee.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Three” 9/21/14, Lesson 3

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