Demand Explanations From The Creator

Laitman_514_02Question: We always say, “There is none else besides Him,” and use this everywhere like a plug. If, for example, someone hurt or angered me, I react accordingly, but then I remember “Oh, but this came from the Creator. Well, since it’s from Him, then it’s fine.”

How can we come to such a state when I would react to the friend with the same awe as I do toward the Creator, “Oh, but this is my friend!”

Answer: This is incorrect. We cannot reach the Creator, and this is why you say, “Oh okay,” reassuring yourself and agreeing with whatever is happening. This is complacency, as they say, “Opium for the masses.”

In actuality, there needs to be attainment of the perfect absolute. When you truly understand, feel, and attain the Creator, then your agreement with Him will acquire a real force.

Until then, you will continue consoling yourselves with “There is nothing to be done. The Creator is….” As they write in insurance policies, “Struck by lightning; nothing could be done. Who is to blame? It is an outside force.”

Question: Maybe there is a lack of analysis here?

Answer: It is only a lack of attainment! This is not a matter of the mind, but of organs of attainment, the Kelim (vessels). A correct reaction is needed.

First and foremost, we need to demand that it become clear exactly what is going on. Demand, and not simply agree, since, through that, you gloss over everything that He is doing with you. He wants to challenge you to a serious mutual feeling, a clarification, but you pre-emptively agree, “No, no, no need for that; it’s all good.”

Demand clarifications from the Creator!
From the Convention in St. Petersburg “Day Three” 9/21/14, Lesson 6

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