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A created being is a desire. There’s still an intention, the yearning to achieve something specific, which drives the desire towards the goal. Inside the aspiration there’s a force that allows you to yield, in order to reach the goal.
Kabbalah: desire for evil and good is from the Creator. So, ask Him to reform you.

Isolation leads to stress and addiction. But as soon as the cause disappears, so does the effect.
People need to be connected — it gives them more pleasure than drugs. Therefore, drug #addiction (and all vices!) has to be treated by creating connections and dependence on the group.

Problems are the Creator’s good interference, given to rise above; and if you do, you reach the Creator!
From Twitter, 1/3/19

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“The Hardening Of The Heart—Opportunity For Ascent”

laitman_237The question is: where was Israel in the common soul of Adam HaRishon before its shattering (the sin of the Tree of Knowledge)? It was the force, the glue that connected all the parts of the soul into one system. Therefore, the people of Israel have no place in the world; their mission is to tie everyone together. This glue is located between the spiritual Partzufim and within each Partzufbetween its Sefirot. Each cell is integral, and the connection between the cells is called “Israel,” that is, “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-Kel) because it gives life.

After the shattering of the soul of Adam, its parts remained the same as they had been, but the glue called “Israel” deteriorated. Previously, it did not manifest because it functioned naturally, instinctively, correctly. However, after the shattering, it became apparent how necessary is this glue, which no longer functions the way it should.

The evolution of the shattered nature without the correct functionality of Israel is called “egoistic development.”1

If not for the receiving of the Torah, Israel would have no way to approach spiritual work. However, the Torah was received and will be received only by those who feel how much they need it. The sparks from the previous work remained in them, giving the feeling that they need to connect everyone, fulfilling their mission of correction.

They feel nostalgia for the perfect state in which they once existed and they want to return to it. They are drawn to perfection, wishing to see and feel the perfect, integral system. The desire to feel the integral system and see the perfect acting force that ties everything together is called Israel, Yashar-Kel (straight to the Creator): either according to the desire to connect everyone or according to the Light that fills this whole desire.

The entire path they went through over thousands of years until our time was forced and unconscious. Real free choice is granted to us only now.2

After the shattering of the common soul, the number of parts remained seemingly the same, but the glue between them turned into its opposite. Instead of adhering, it began to dilute and separate them from each other. It is because of this, each part felt that it existed on its own, that is, it felt the shattering and instinctively began to develop according to the laws of the shattering, of egoism, without any need for connection.

Those who previously served as glue, remained as if out of work, lacking function. Over time, the egoistic parts of the soul, called “the nations of the world,” grew and felt the need to unite. However, all their connections are possible only through war. Then they began to ask: where is the right glue? They feel that all their alliances and development depend on the correct connection. If this connection does not work out, they instinctively feel that Israel, which is not performing its correct function, is to blame.

The nations of the world understand that a correct connection between all the parts is required, and the perfection of the world depends on it. This leads to anti-Semitism.3

We, at the moment, do not know exactly how each member of Israel should act. But by integrating in the ten and understanding my duty to become the glue that connects everyone together (and so each one of the ten) in it, I gradually become included in the work in a certain way. A friend can work differently: Everyone performs his task, but we all play the role of the glue. Each ten then serves as the glue between tens and so on: tens, hundreds, thousands. We must become the glue for all of humanity.

With this attitude, I am called Israel, and otherwise not.4

Israel can serve as the glue that unites humanity because the force of the Creator is in them. This is a special form of the created beings. However, Israel was broken and now it has to correct itself by bringing everyone together. This is how it returns to its function and thanks to this work acquires a force 620 times greater, which lets it connect everyone. Other nations receive this inclination for connection from Israel, as it is written: “All who see them will recognize them for they are the offspring whom the Lord has blessed.”

The Creator’s force in its direct or inverse form exists in the special created beings called “Israel.” In the future, all the conditions of the people of Israel will be revealed: Israel in the shattering, in exile, and in the process of reconstruction, restoration.5

Before the shattering, Adam HaRishon existed as one system. However, after the shattering, the connections between all the parts not only broke, but turned into negative ones, that is, into the force of mutual rejection of each other. Then the whole system began to disperse in all directions, as if from the Big Bang.

Each part started to feel itself existing separately, by itself, without connection with the other parts. Or, this connection became egoistic, for the sake of one’s own benefit, at the expense of others.

In fact, this is not breaking, but the revelation of the force of the anti-Creator in us. Now from this anti-force, we need to come to a force similar to Him, from rejection to connection. However, we do not replace rejection by connection, but build it atop the hatred. Then we reach the force that is 620 times grater.

We assimilate and absorb the upper force of connection within which we depict the Creator. At the same time, we remain the created beings, but similar to the Creator. The Creator dwells in us to such an extent that “All my bones will say…,” all my parts will be connected according to the quality of the Creator. Through the correct connection of all the parts that complement each other, we attain the Creator. The Creator is inside our connection, and therefore, it is written that Israel (the one that led to this connection), the Light connecting us, and the Creator, become one.

The desire to receive remains, the egoism that has grown 620 times remains, and therefore, it is obvious that the connection obtains 620 times more power. 6

Israel before the shattering is the force of the Creator that connects the parts of the egoistic desire, enveloping them from all sides and gluing them together like a soup poured into a plate with croutons. This soup poured onto the parts of the desire is the upper Light that ties them together and holds them in its power.

After the shattering, the “soup” remains, but becomes negative, separating. Israel turns into anti-Israel and it needs correction. The parts of the desire to receive, the nations of the world, remained the same and did not change. The link between the parts of the desire is called “Israel,” and it can be either positive or negative.7

Israel is not a nation. It belongs to the whole world, as cosmopolitan, to all of reality since it is intended to connect it into one system, the way it was before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge. The one who has the subtlety of the soul feels nostalgia for a common unification into one soul and wants to attain it, feeling the “socialist” tendency for perfection of all nations.8

Israel before the shattering was the glue that functioned correctly, connecting all the individual tens into one, in adhesion with the upper force, with the upper Light that fills it. This is not the people of Israel yet, but the force of the Creator. Therefore, Israel is called the “nation of the Lord” because before the shattering it did not exist; it appeared only after the shattering.

Regarding all other desires, the Creator says: “I created the evil inclination.” However, Israel is not included in this. The Creator says: “I created an evil inclination, and I have Israel to correct it. That is, these are My qualities, which are included between all the parts of the broken creation and purposely corrupt according to the egoistic desires of all the nations of the world. Now Israel must correct itself and serve all the 70 nations of the world by connecting them together.”

Israel is called the nation of the Lord because it contains His qualities, but in inverse form.

Before the shattering, Israel existed only in potential, as the force of the Creator, the quality of bestowal that binds together all the nations of the world like croutons in a soup. It does not belong to the Partzufim and the Sefirot, which form the soul of Adam, the desire to receive. Israel is the connection between these parts, the force of unification.

When the common soul shatters, the egoism is revealed: Israel in its inverse, negative form, which is unable to connect the parts of the soul together. The parts of the soul, the nations of the world, cannot be called “egoistic” because this is just their nature—the desire to receive. The only one who plays either a positive or a negative role is Israel. The rest have no freewill.

The egoistic intention is born only with the shattering of Israel and relates only to it. All crimes and commandments apply only to Israel. The seven commandments for the sons of Noah, for all the nations of the world, appear only as a result of their mutual integration with Israel.9

Israel is the force that connected the nations of the world before the shattering, and after the shattering it pushed them to egoistic development. We can see that people who advanced the world in a positive or negative direction, made a scientific discovery, or unleashed a war, undoubtedly had Jewish roots.

Before the shattering, Israel was the Light that connected all the parts of the desire together and gave them a single direction toward mutual bestowal, which resulted in bestowal to the Creator. The Creator is the general system.

After the shattering, their mutual connection disappeared, Israel ceased to act as a binding glue and turned into its opposite, turning from a righteous into a wicked. Yet, Israel is not a nation because within Israel there is nothing of the desires of the world. All the desires it uses now come from the anti-connection, the anti-Creator.

When there is a need to advance history, a shattering occurs and Israel enters the stage, starting to discover new lands, shake the economic system, and so on.

When Israel begins to fulfill its mission, it will become clear that these are the souls concerned with correcting and connecting all of reality into a single system.

At the time of the Temple, Israel existed as a nation, but now we have to become the glue, the “soup” that will spread among all the nations of the world to serve, connect, and train them. That is, our role is to be the instructors of connection. The people of Israel are “an organization dedicated to correct the world,” a group of people who understand that their mission is to educate everyone in the spirit of unity.

Therefore, as it is written: “at the end of days the land of Israel shall spread throughout the whole earth.”10

The Temple was destroyed because the corrected state of the people of Israel is not to exist in isolation within themselves, but to spread like soup among all other nations. Yet, Israel does not dissolve in those nations of the world, but determines the nature of connection and its power. When the Creator, the force of bestowal, will reign throughout the world, this will be called that “My house shall be a house of prayer for all the nations.11

Abraham gathered in his group those who felt that they belonged to the “soup” and not to the “croutons.” This is how it continued throughout all the generations. Precisely such people exited Egypt. The people of Israel are firstly a spiritual concept, a group intended to implement a program of healing all of humanity according to the method of Kabbalah, to educate the entire world about connection.12
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/18, Lesson on the Topic “The Hardening of The Heart—Opportunity For Ascent”
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Why Is The Importance Of Friends Necessary?

laitman_938.02Question: When one talks about the importance of the society and friends, is it already a connection of the points in the heart?

Answer: The importance of the society and friends is necessary in order to simply know that it is your soul. One can even imagine it purely egotistically that there is nothing else beside the inclusion in them. Everything else is pure illusion. We do not understand this.

The soul is your inclusion in others. This is where you begin to truly live outside of your present self.

Question: Is this the connection of the points in the heart?

Answer: It is achieved through the connection between us.

Question: Should I come to lessons and gatherings of friends with this preparation?

Answer: Yes, during the whole time that you are not in connection with your friends, you should think about it, that this is actually the way you want to realize yourself among them.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/6/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/3/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Revealing The Deficiency For The Greatness Of The Creator Between Us

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16,  Table of Answers for the Meaning of the Words, Item 232

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence,” Title “Abstract Names”

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