“Everything Will Be With Love, Friendship”

Laitman_524.01Rabash, “Concerning the Importance of Friends”: But with love of friends, when friends bond to create unity among them, it explicitly means that they are equal. This is called “unity.” For example, if they do business together and say that the profits will not be distributed equally, is this called “unity”? Clearly, a business of love of friends should be when all the profits and possessions that the love of friends yields will be equally controlled by them. They should not hide or conceal from one another, but everything will be with love, friendship, truthfulness, and peace.

It seems that this describes the ideal states. But it is impossible to fulfill them if the friend and I are not connected through the Creator. Only thanks to the fact that we are connected with each other in Him we can behave this way. Only this can obligate us.

Question: What kind of profit is there?

Answer: It does not matter. Profit can be material or it can be spiritual. The main thing is that only contact in the Creator can obligate us and force us to accept the conditions of mutual guarantee, unity, and other requirements.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/9/18

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