Spiritual Elevator: The Ten

laitman_238.01Our entire spiritual ascent completely depends on the group. Therefore, the war is always about how to connect, unite, and reach such a state when the upper Light is revealed inside the connection, unites us, and elevates us from our level to the higher degree. However, if we do not make a sufficient effort for the upper Light, which is supposed to elevate us, then it acts from behind and brings us difficulties, troubles, problems, and wars. The Light urges us to awaken and to want its help in order to rise from our degree to the next, either through good or not so pleasant ways.

The Kabbalistic group, the ten, works like an elevator. If a person invests a certain amount of efforts into it, then this elevator starts working on him, attracting the upper Light to him, and raising him to the next floor. This is called a spiritual ascent.1

If I do not ascend in my qualities, bestowal, and attainments, it means that I am not integrated with the ten. I have to see that the ten is ready to absorb and elevate me. If I do not see that, it is only because I “judge according to my own flaws”; otherwise, I would see them in the ideal state. That is, everything depends on me.

If the Creator brought me to the group and said, “Take it, this is your good fortune,” I should annul myself completely and then I will be able to ascend. As soon as the work at this stage finishes, the next floor appears before me. I should again annul myself to the ten, which already seems to me as a different, more advanced one, and perhaps even worse than before.

Again, the same work begins: justification, connection, and annulment. By making a certain amount of efforts, I will again turn the elevator on and it will lift me up a little more. It is the same each time: I annul myself to the group in order to see it as ideal and perfect, and thus I ascend higher and higher.2

If I annul myself to the group, I reveal that they are not friends, but spiritual qualities that only seemed to me as people having various problems and flaws. In fact, they are nine angels sent to help me, lifting me up on their wings.

As soon as I ascend, the same work restarts: I receive a burdening of the heart and fall; I start seeing friends as even worse than before, not at all as angels. It seems to me that they do not want to and cannot unite. I absolutely do not understand what I am doing with them and seems better to search for spirituality alone.

I then totally lose interest in spirituality until time does its work, and I start working on myself thereby realizing that everything depends on me. There is no other reality but me, the ten, and the Creator. All the rest is my ego’s distorted imagination.

I try to see that everything around me is in bestowal, in the spiritual world, and that the presence of the Shechina (Divinity) manifests in the entire world. I try to connect with the group and ask for help until the efforts reach their full amount and my ten turns into a spiritual elevator that lifts me up to the next degree. This is how I move from level to level, “from cloud to cloud.”3

Do not expect that this will happen at a certain time, like in the story of Cinderella, and that the group by itself will turn from a pumpkin into a carriage. It depends only on our work.4

Although it seems to us that we are running in the same place, we are indeed advancing. The calculation is made not on kilometers, but on efforts applied.5

What we see the group is the next world that exists within this world. A group is such a room that upon entering you find yourself in the next world, as if after death. If you do not want to enter it, all that is left for you is to wait for a real death. However, you have an opportunity to receive eternal, happy life right now. You just need to slightly change your ideas about kindness and eternity from egoistic and temporary concepts of our world to truly eternal and perfect ones.

Change your mind and heart a little and begin to live according to eternal and perfect laws. Otherwise you will remain a one-day butterfly, which lives only a day and dies.6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/5/18, Lesson on the Topic “Hanukkah”
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