Equality For The Final Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf my goal is connection, I see everything in the world as fragments of the shattering that have drawn away from me only so that I will be able to collect them and put them back together again. The particles don’t have to be identical in order to connect. On the contrary, they have to be different!

If there is a plus in one place and a minus in another, if there is more here and less there, then there is a connection between the parts. A big one can give to someone who is small, and a small one can receive from the big one. If they are both perfectly equal, what will they be able to give one another, how will they be able to connect?

It is the equality that leads to detachment! So how can we achieve general equality? Here we begin to understand that the concept of equality doesn’t refer to attributes, thoughts, desires, or identical actions, but rather is expressed in attaining the goal. It is for the goal that we all connect and with regards to it we are all equal.

We will never be able to be equal if we don’t connect with the Creator and don’t consider Him as our goal. Accordingly, I already begin to recruit forces, to find out what the method of connection is, to look for ways to connect with others; I examine everything that goes on in the world as an opportunity that is given to me every moment in order to rise above my ego, above the forces of separation, and to attain general connection.

We can connect as equals only when the Creator is among us and is the goal of our connection. Therefore it says that the condition of: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one,” determines the correct direction for correction.

By wanting to connect and to attain full equality, but at the same time for each one to keep his uniqueness and his own individual attributes, we connect as one body. The Creator, the upper Light, has to give this body life according to the law of the equivalence of form.

Many desires connect in one spiritual body, in one Partzuf, under one Masach (screen), in order to create a general adhesion with the one Light. Then there is Zivug de Haka’a (coupling of striking) with the Light in the head of the Partzuf and a formation called the “soul” (Neshama) is created. At the same time, all the individual particles keep their natural uniqueness in their thoughts and desires and operate as organs in one body, as everyone does his job and connects with others in order to attain the general goal, the spiritual life. This life is equivalence and adhesion with the Light.

Here the formula of “Love will cover all sins” is activated. The sins remain, the differences between us are kept, and on that basis everyone judges and justifies himself. Of course, he accuses the others, since “one judges according to his own flaws.” But by connection we understand that all the differences between us actually help us attain a greater connection among us if we can fulfill the connection on a higher level by rising above all the differences between us.

If we just erase the differences between us, we will have no basis for connection, we will have nothing to give one another. Everyone needs to give others, by appearing as their “minus” with regard to a “plus” and receiving from others as a minus from a plus.

This means that we are all different! But if we do it under one “umbrella of love,” then everyone comes out equal. When a baby smiles to his mother, she is ready to give him the whole world. It says “love will cover all sins,” and if there is love, then it ties us all in one net. Then we connect above all the gaps for one cause and attain it.

This is the method that was prepared for us by the Light, by many preliminary actions. The Light created a desire and works on it by lowering it and making it go through all the degrees, by breaking it and creating the worlds of BYA of Holiness and of impurity and the “first man” Adam who is also shattered.

Only today, in this new era in which all of humanity finds itself, we begin the correction of the world, so that instead of a terrible and terrifying world, whose growing sickness and corruption are revealed day by day, we will see the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) before us.
From the lesson 5/25/12, Writings of Rabash

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