My Thoughts On Twitter 1/2/19

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2019 is a year of internal conflicts.
Countries are moving away from their ties. Governments are forced to go deeper into their problems: people’s lives aren’t getting any easier, but they don’t want to listen to their arrogant rulers any longer.
Everywhere, the authorities are increasingly disconnected from the people. Egoism… #NewYear

By 2019 the world strove toward nationalism and disunity—a sign that egoistic development in us threatens stability.
Egoism (and altruism) grows in waves (falls and rises). Hence, #Trump will win now, but is bound to lose in the #future.
He will be replaced by a period of correction of egoism. #politics

#Nationalists and #liberals will disappear, having failed to solve problems—they have no plan to move ahead in development.
Elite is no longer global; it lost power. Its opponents are not the peoples, but growing egoism.
Any manifestation of egoism has no place in the #future.
It needs correction—by education! #politics #society

10 years after introducing the euro, its existence is ending.
This indicates the pace of today’s human development!
By introducing the euro, corporations gained profit, but the EU population’s consumer ability grew slower than before the introduction of the euro. The elites won.
From Twitter, 1/2/19

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