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The evolving global #egoism, the basis of our nature, encourages governments to lower social support for society, deliberately worsen the living conditions of citizens, abolish the rights & protection of the poor.
Kabbalah: this can be changed only by a radical reorganization of #society. #inequality

In words, liberals are fighting for unification and #Trump—opposes it. But nowhere have liberals succeeded in unity. Not a single left party!
Our ego-nature won’t allow us to unite.
But the world has to move toward unity!
The Upper governance is driving us into a dead end …
—a Good year! #NewYear2019

I would like to wish everyone what we lack most: connection—togetherness—love
For 2019 to be the year of actualization of the law “Love others as you love yourself.”
Let’s make this year a happy year in the history of the entire world! #NewYear

We don’t need to correct our #egoism. It’s impossible!
It’s just necessary to feel hatred to it as the source of all evil.
In that case Kabbalists will teach us how to attract the power of good to our egoism and reform it.
In nature there are Evil and Good …
… but to acquire the Good you have to want it! #Kabbalah

The world is trying different forms of unity, but it’s getting worse.
This indicates that we are already close to realizing the evil of #ego, our nature.
It’s our very nature that doesn’t allow us to unite.
Unity is possible only in rising above personal #egoism.
We must recognize it as #evil! #personaldevelopment

Nature pushes us to unite, and egoism pushes away. So we find ourselves between two forces: Pharaoh and the Creator.
Gradually, the Creator brings us closer to “Mount Sinai”: if we do not agree to unite, the world will bury us.
Gradually we will have to understand and accept this.

Liberals and other leftists calling for unity will lose.
Trump will lose also.
Nature develops so as to bring all its parts to a single connected system.
The solution is to reform egoistic human nature to true altruism, and then to unite all the parts into the system called Adam.

The main focus is on explaining how to develop and organize groups, which will draw the reforming light. This is the only way to educate people.
It isn’t a distant prospect, but an urgent need to be realized in the masses. By doing so, we’ll feel how society is reformed from day to day
From Twitter, 1/1/19

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