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Faith above reason
Within reason—according to understanding, reason, ego
Above my opinion, there’s the upper one’s opinion. Meaning I must change my opinion to His, the Creator’s. I don’t know what it is, but it reaches me through my ten if I annul myself and place them above myself
From Twitter, 1/24/19

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What Will Happen To The Common Soul If Humanity Dies Out?

laitman_600.02Question: What will happen to the common soul if all of humanity comes to a global catastrophe and becomes completely extinct?

Answer: Do not worry, humanity will not come to total extinction, although a portion of humanity could. Therefore, we need to think about helping people start the process of correction before a problem occurs.

In principle, the state of complete correction already exists in a spiritual form. The only thing we can do is to quickly implement it and be in it.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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A Raft In A Stormy Sea—The Ten

laitman_258The ten is a raft that saves you in a stormy sea. First, you need to grab it and not let go. When you are already holding on to it and even sitting on this plank of wood, you go through all the ascents and descents, lowering your head before each rolling wave, as Rabbi Akiva did escaping from a sinking ship.

It does not matter what kind of waves they are: in sensation or in understanding, bigger or smaller—I accept them only in order to strengthen my connection with the plank. After all, I depend only on it; if I let it go, I will perish.

To grab hold of a raft means to hold onto the center of the ten and not let go, to be connected with the friends and try to see the purpose of creation in the strongest, most internal connection with them. The Creator is there and the secret of my life is there.

Whatever happens, I will not let go of the connection with the friends. All these images that pass before me cannot disconnect me from: Israel, the Torah and the Creator are one. I am connected to the Creator through the ten and everything that happens is intended only for strengthening this connection: Me—the group—the Creator.

We need to treat the ascents and the descents equally and hold on to the center of the group despite all of the states passing over us.1

There is no need to leave the lesson! We exit the place of study physically, but in fact, we do not. The Creator has arranged our lives in such a way that we have different times and all sorts of states. Everything is given for the purpose of correction. But we attribute only three hours for correction when we are in the lesson. This is incorrect. What about the other hours?2

To strengthen in faith means to strengthen ourselves in the force of bestowal. Beforehand, I had some force of bestowal through which I was connected to the group to a certain extent. Now, when there is a disturbance, the desire to receive grows and I break away from the group, do not think about the friends, do not notice them. There is no space in my heart and mind for them.

Now I need to work to get them back into my heart and mind at the new degree above the height of the new egoism. I start working inside the group, studying and performing all sorts of actions in dark, with the help of the friends, as it is written: “They helped every one his friend,” until again I draw the reforming Light that will bring me a new force of faith. I am separated from the old faith; I have already exhausted it.

The force that lets a person work in a group under the conditions of concealment is called “the covenant of salt” (Brit Melach), mutual guarantee. When I fall and lose everything, the group gives me strength. And when I rise, I give strength to the one who fell: I awaken him, support him, encourage him, set an example, provoke him, and cause him to envy. We need to constantly act together with the whole group as if we are connected, burning, and ready to reveal the Creator at any moment.3

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/19, The Right Way To Study The Wisdom Of Kabbalah
1 Minute 30:40
2 Minute 32:37
3 Minute 1:00:20

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Help In Spiritual Work

laitman_962.2Question: Virtual means of communication are very well developed now. Are they revealed at this time because the ego erupted so intensely that we wouldn’t be able to do without them?

Answer: Naturally. Currently we have all kinds of devices that let us be in constant communication with each other. We can correspond, send pictures, talk—anything we want! It erases the distance.

We can see our friends, our Ten, on a phone or a computer screen, and at them same time talk to them as if we are in a constant physical connection. In reality, this connection is physical because we feel it as normal connection.
Therefore, a lot of attention is paid now to the quality of communication. Distance does not matter, it all depends on us.

Of course, the most important thing is internal communication, but it is insufficient. It must be supported by physical connection. Without this, we will not be able to continuously produce internal efforts.

We must listen, see, and understand our friends, admire and  envy them, and feel it all. Otherwise, how are we going to work?
From the TV Program “The Last Generation”, 6/27/18

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Following Sound Logic

laitman_947Rabash, Writings of Rabash, Article “The Agenda of the Assembly 2”: Therefore, first one must praise the importance of the gathering, and then see what to acquire from that activity. It is as our sages said, “One should always praise the Creator, and then pray.” In other words, the beginning of the assembly, meaning the beginning of the discussions, which is the beginning of the assembly, should be about praising the society. Each and every one must try to provide reasons and explanations for their merit and importance. They should speak of nothing but the praise of society.

Question: Should there first be a word game about the importance of the group?

Answer: This is not a game! Each time you need to start all over again. Why do I exist in this world? For what purpose? How should and can I achieve it? Why in the group? In what kind of group exactly? What kind of work must the friends do to achieve the goal of creation? And so on.

Question: When I am going to an assembly of friends, should this chain always be in front of me?

Answer: If I begin to awaken in the middle of this chain, then it is not a serious foundation for spiritual work. A serious foundation is renewed from the very beginning: “Why did I appear in this world?” Otherwise, how will I continue? From what?

I exist in this world in order to attain the Creator. I can attain the Creator only if I gather the right ten—broken desires that should make it possible to catch Him like a radio receiver picks up a wave.

To do this, we are given guidance and advice about how to set ourselves up like an oscillating circuit in a receiver in order to detect the Creator.

Question: Do you suggest making such preparations both for the gathering of friends and for the lessons, as well as in regular life?

Answer: Of course. This is how I set myself up.

I need a ten. Why am I going to the meeting? It is because in this ten I must reveal the Creator. Otherwise, I cannot attain Him. But for me, revealing the Creator means achieving the goal of life. Therefore, I already have a reason to hurry to the meeting of friends and do something.

Proceeding from this goal, I must reveal the conditions for attaining the Creator in the ten.

Question: That is, everything should be on the level of feelings?

Answer: Even on the logical level. If I have no feelings now, then I am absolutely frozen; there are such periods of time. Therefore, I start to scroll through everything and go by logic again. Logic is like iron; I have nothing else. And so I bring myself to a state when I go and use this opportunity. The assembly of friends is given to me once a week and I must attend it.

I know that I must receive from it how to behave in order to absorb impressions from all my friends that enable me to continue my spiritual elevation.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/27/18

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New Life 1070 – The Connection Between Human Brains, Part 1

New Life 1070 – The Connection Between Human Brains, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

There is another level in the perception of reality in which I will be able to understand who I am through your mind, once we are properly connected. The more I think about you, the more willing I am to hear from you since my mind wants to work on the same wavelength as yours. Love is the factor that can influence our understanding of someone more than anything else, just as a mother relates to her infant. All of us are absolutely connected and each person also has a small point of egoistic desire. The connections between our hearts and our minds influence each other. The connection between our hearts is the most important.
From KabTV’s New Life 1070 – “The Connection Between Human Brains, Part 1,“ 11/22/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/24/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Articles “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 1, “Make for Yourself a Rav and Buy Yourself a Friend – 1” (1985)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Matan Torah [The Giving of the Torah],” Item 16

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