We Are Like A Wooden Chip In A Stormy Sea

immerse-into-the-waters-of-bestowal-and-you-will-become-pureToday’s crisis is the revelation of the Creator to the creatures, but it is happening from the opposite side. Globalization is the Creator’s force of unity and connection. Today, this force is being revealed to everyone, and this is why every person is starting to feel more and more dependent on everyone, that he belongs to everyone and shares the same pain.

So, the Creator is already being revealed to the creatures, but from His opposite side. I see this like a doctor who looks at a patient and sees that the patient is beginning to feel all the symptoms of his illness. Humanity’s illness is becoming revealed, and we have to turn it around – meaning, accept it in the right way.

We are the generation that is experiencing the revelation of the Creator, and it is already happening! Today, the views of an ordinary person and a Kabbalist are not so different. It’s as if a person is floating in a stormy sea, thrown around by the waves like a small chip of wood, up and down and from side to side. Everything depends on his agreement to cling to and unite with this stormy sea.

As soon as he agrees, he will immediately cease feeling any agitation and changes in the sea. A perfect peace will immediately overtake the sea of the Upper Light. It only storms because we resist every action the Creator makes, and therefore we can’t relax and yield to Him, and thus rise above our egoism, which wants to struggle.

If we do this,  we will feel that there are no changes taking place. All the changes are the results of one’s struggle against the Creator, and it is this struggle that makes the sea storm. The moment one will cease resiting, he will stop feeling the storm, and will instead feel absolute peace.

(From the lesson on Rabash’s article, “The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation,” on 03.17.09)

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