My Thoughts On Twitter 1/22/19

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“I want #Jexit“—a call to get rid of Jews, is showing up everywhere.
But there is no unified #Antisemitism leadership in the world.
It comes from the #Jews themselves, their refusal to implement their unification and be a “Light onto the nations” …
…. to present an example of unity as modern society’s redemption.

Excess food gets thrown out—some hide away billions while others starve. The social gaps are deepening, negative trends are mounting.
The problem is only the lack of a proper connection between people.
It can be solved only by upbringing, which Kabbalah reveals.

#Davos Despite industrial development, the world’s powerful create an #economy where, despite its growth, #wages do not increase and new bubbles arise in capital markets. Society is falling apart. Great shocks lie ahead, which will bring humanity to its senses … #WEF2019
…. either with the science of #Kabbalah or by #war.
#wealthy #inequality #sustainability

#Davos2019 The economic situation is improving only for the #rich and deteriorating for the #poor—more and more every year. This is the #economy organized by economists, since it isn’t a natural science, but an organization of people’s relationships. #WEF19
It can therefore only be changed through #education.
#poverty #inequality

We think we create progress, but in reality nature develops us. Hence we don’t know the future, especially now, when the world is drastically changing. Besides fear of death, fear of lack of meaning is added. In times like this, the wisdom of Kabbalah gets revealed in the world.

The events occurring in the US #Democratic party resemble those that occurred in the German #Nazi party’s emergence 100 years ago.
Liberal American Jews-Democrats must realize that the Democratic Party has been infected by natural #Antisemitism. It has no room for Jews! #holocaust
From Twitter, 1/22/19

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