My Thoughts On Twitter 1/20/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Today we will gather for Unity Day with my students from the whole world.
We will have a lesson, workshop, and will sing songs to melt each other’s hearts, connect them into one, single whole and attain the state “as one man with one heart.” We await everyone!

The Fed is raising rates, causing capital outflow from developing countries, rise in debt, and slowing global economic growth in Turkey, India, Chile, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, Columbia, Argentina, China, and Brazil
The global economic crisis is starting at the outskirts of humanity.

Periods of mankind’s development replace one another: the liberal order is declining and the conservative period is emerging.
It’s time to agree that society requires correction, only then followed by independent existence—upbringing about the need to unite in spite of our ego
From Twitter, 1/20/19

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