My Thoughts On Twitter 1/19/19

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The purpose of life: to merit a personal adhesion with the Creator —OR lead the masses to achieve adhesion with the Creator!

The more developed humanity is, the more it feels that precisely Jews obstruct attainment of happiness—and it must demand for the Jews to correct something since they are guilty that the world is bad. And Jews must realize that they have a wisdom that can make the world perfect.

Do not replace hate with love—you will destroy love! You should keep all that is bad, but learn to cover it with good, with love. To cover means to maintain their equivalence, to exist between them. Then you will stand on both legs, grow both of these qualities (in middle line).

If we don’t reveal to the world its egoistic nature and the method of its correction, Kabbalah, which the Jews hold, if we don’t teach the world correction, bring everyone to an eternal, perfect life, we will constantly be subjected to threats of annihilation. #Jews

We cannot act toward the Creator personally. Each one’s actions must pass only through the group, in the middle of which an essence called the Creator is revealed. Hence it is called BORE = BO – come and RE – see, reveal it in unity, above egoism.

The sequence of states leading to the Creator is:
love for friends > awe > faith > love for the Creator.
This is the only form in which He can be revealed. Otherwise, my aim is off.
The Creator is a single force attained inside the group’s unity.

By exerting to unite, we awaken a force that pulls us to the center of the group. Each one’s ego remains outside. To the degree of opposition of our ten egos (via a sphere) and points in the hearts that unite (inside the circle), we determine our spiritual height.
From Twitter, 1/20/19

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