My Thoughts On Twitter 1/17/19

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The last few days I am getting inquiries why my Twitter is empty… In past tweets, I described a variety of states that precede entry into spiritual sensations. Have you gone through, understood, attained them? View my past tweets (about spiritual states) ….
—you will discover them again.

If I don’t demand the friends’ help against my ego, I won’t plug into the group. But even after having plugged into the friends, I’ll lose the desire to unite once more, after which, while with them, I will be drawn into the group again. Such states are indicative of advancement,
… as in “Joseph & his brothers.”

The Creator always guides to Himself. A person should rejoice in the Creator’s governance, even in falls. Trust that they are from the Creator as well, to become closer to Him. Therefore, rise from the falls, believing that such is the Creator’s desire.
This will reveal rapprochement with the Creator, coming from the Creator.

In nature, there’s both plus and minus; it contains all the opposites. And they’re always kept in balance by nature, which doesn’t allow them to annihilate each other, but creates a system of interaction between them—the middle line. It manifests itself from above;
… we build it by studying #Kabbalah .

They write: you can enter the #EU, but you can’t exit! It’s true. Movement toward unity happens in all of nature. On the still, vegetative and animate degrees it submits to nature’s laws. But on the Human degree, man must be raised above the animate degree in him … #Brexit
… and then taught development.

The world has always blamed the #Jews for all its troubles, regardless of how developed it was. So today: if we don’t explain to the world why it needs us, it won’t stop asserting that we bring harm upon the world. Nature pushes us to correct ourselves and the world.
Time is always against us!

If we don’t make ourselves important to the world, it will make us important for its hatred of us. #Jews

The sons of Israel were made responsible for mankind’s correction by the Creator’s force, “For the whole earth is Mine. And you will be upon Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” Everything depends on the sons of Israel. When they correct themselves …
… all the nations strive after them (Sfat Emet, Shmot, Itro) And vice versa!

#Israel will be the first to receive abundance. From them it spreads to all the nations. Hence they are called Israel, Li-Rosh, My-Head (Be’er Maim Haim, Truma 25).
This is the reason for #Antisemitism. We do not receive from above and pass to other nations the upper abundance …
… which is what they blame us for.

Some write that the #EU is an invention of the Jews, the Rothschilds. True, connection between nations, trade and movement have always been close to the Jews, who had one language and lifestyle. But in order for this to happen in the EU, people must be brought closer through …
… upbringing rather than by simply removing the boundaries.

If you change, the world will change. Don’t demand for the world to change if you don’t change yourself. Improve yourself and everything will change.
The world depends only on the change in a person, not on changing others. You will discover that they don’t even need to change.
The whole world is in full correction!

All faults are corrected by love. Nobody is correct among leftists and rightists, whites and people of color, males and females, etc.— it is necessary to UNITE all above all differences—according to the teaching of Kabbalah! Otherwise, replacing the #liberals with the #conservatives
… you’re switching from one dictatorship to another, and neither will make you happy!
From Twitter, 1/17/19

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