How Do You Feel The Creator As Your Partner?

232.1Question: How can I feel that the Creator is my partner in spiritual work?

Answer: I have to accept it a priori, and thus, appeal to Him. And then I will see that He responds immediately to my requests. The Creator is not a living person, but a system that responds to my correct requests.

And my requests are correct only if I take from Him what the world needs and selflessly pass it onto the whole Kli (soul/vessel) through myself. And each of us should do the same.

In essence, I want to become a conductor from Him to the world and from the world to Him. For this, I have to suffer all the sufferings of the world and form them in myself correctly so that all of them will be aimed at uniting with Him.

I re-register in myself all the egoistic desires of the world, envelop them with the intention for the sake of the Creator, and appeal to Him. And then I receive certain properties and knowledge from Him, and I can, by reforming them, give them to the world in such a way that the world will advance a little more through its egoism to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/6/18

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