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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/19/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The purpose of life: to merit a personal adhesion with the Creator —OR lead the masses to achieve adhesion with the Creator!

The more developed humanity is, the more it feels that precisely Jews obstruct attainment of happiness—and it must demand for the Jews to correct something since they are guilty that the world is bad. And Jews must realize that they have a wisdom that can make the world perfect.

Do not replace hate with love—you will destroy love! You should keep all that is bad, but learn to cover it with good, with love. To cover means to maintain their equivalence, to exist between them. Then you will stand on both legs, grow both of these qualities (in middle line).

If we don’t reveal to the world its egoistic nature and the method of its correction, Kabbalah, which the Jews hold, if we don’t teach the world correction, bring everyone to an eternal, perfect life, we will constantly be subjected to threats of annihilation. #Jews

We cannot act toward the Creator personally. Each one’s actions must pass only through the group, in the middle of which an essence called the Creator is revealed. Hence it is called BORE = BO – come and RE – see, reveal it in unity, above egoism.

The sequence of states leading to the Creator is:
love for friends > awe > faith > love for the Creator.
This is the only form in which He can be revealed. Otherwise, my aim is off.
The Creator is a single force attained inside the group’s unity.

By exerting to unite, we awaken a force that pulls us to the center of the group. Each one’s ego remains outside. To the degree of opposition of our ten egos (via a sphere) and points in the hearts that unite (inside the circle), we determine our spiritual height.
From Twitter, 1/20/19

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Is Adam A Person Or A Spiritual Degree?

742.03Question: Is Adam the first Kabbalist or a degree in spiritual attainment?

Answer: Adam is the spiritual system that we have to master, correct, and join.

In addition, 5,779 years ago there lived a man who was the first to attain this system. His name was also Adam. It is not a coincidence that his parents gave him this name; there are no coincidences in nature. He wrote the book The Secret Angel (Raziel HaMalach), which can be bought in the stores even today.

Question: Was 5,779 years ago the year of his physical birth or the year of his spiritual birth?

Answer: It is the year he attained the upper world and became a man (Adam).

Question: Do all Kabbalists agree with that?

Answer: There is no reason to argue. One who attains the upper world sees and feels it. We must acquire only those properties that make it possible to discover that this is so.

Question: Can people who attain the spiritual world feel not only the system of Adam HaRishon, but also that there was such a man as well.

Answer: By revealing the spiritual system, along the way, one becomes a part of all Kabbalists before him; somehow you get included in them and even understand and feel what they said, how they studied, and how they understood the system. One comprehends not the person himself, but his inner essence, qualities, his degree.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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By Changing Ourselves, We Change Our World

Laitman_715Question: If everything is just inside of me, is there any other force that can affect me?

Answer: From the outside, the Creator affects you with His even Light, and in this Light, as if on a white screen, you depict your world with your own qualities.

This world that you depict involuntarily, you can now correct with your will and depict it in a different way. Therefore, all sorts of problems are presented to you on this screen so that you would correct yourself and see the world as good.

Question: If the Creator is also inside of me, does this mean that there is somebody else who is outside of me?

Answer: No, you imagine it this way. We need to find a very simple relationship: as much as we change ourselves, we change our world.

Each of us feels this world in his own way. There are some points in it that we can compare to each other, but there are those that we cannot even express.

Therefore, our task is by connecting with each other to create a complete picture of the world that is composed of many billions of people. Then in our connection, we will see the world of infinity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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New Life #131 – Mass Media, Part 1

New Life #131 – Mass Media, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The media is engaged in a destructive, ideological war and chooses what to present to us. The mass media shapes public opinion according to the interests of the tycoons at the head of the pyramid. The more egoistic the society is, the more the media follows suit. Our consumeristic society worships individualism and the media develops in order to help us recognize the evil in our world and correct it.

The media stems from a lack of communication since there is no harmony between people like there is between organs of the body. If the media realize their educational purpose and function properly, they have the potential to help humanity advance toward full communication. Only a new type of media can save us from the troubles and crises we are facing since they can reach everyone. Nature is leading humanity toward integration and connection and we need people who understand this trend in human evolution to be at the head of the media and lead the public.
From KabTV’s “New Life #131 – Mass Media, Part 1,” 1/27/13

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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/18/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It’s necessary to arrange education: to bring in everyone a feeling of love for each person and the nation, to reveal in ourselves the national love that filled us when we lived on our land as one of the nations. And this work is the basis of our existence and our mission on earth.
(Baal HaSulam, Newspaper Auma) #baalhasulam

A person is able to turn to the Creator when both a negative and a positive aspect are present. After all, the advantage of light appears on the background of darkness. Any concept/avkhana can be clarified only in comparison with the opposite, and consists of two opposites.
(darkness and light)

If you’re pushing yourself to unite with the group, you reveal the opposing forces and realize that you need the Creator’s help. It’s vital to start striving toward uniting the group into one whole, as best we can! As a result, the opposing force will show us the way to overcome it.
… the ego itself will help!

There is a condition for the development of society: First, the people of Israel must achieve unity and reveal the Creator, and then the other nations of the world—”And the earth will be filled with the awareness of the Creator,” the awareness of all nature …
… its laws of development. This is the revelation of the Creator, as the law of nature.

We mustn’t correct our animate nature/qualities.
We must only gain the force of unity instead of the force of repulsion.
I must work in the group precisely above this.
Don’t change myself or others, but only create increasingly greater connection between everyone. COVER sins w/love.
From Twitter, 1/18/19

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