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laitman_423_02Question from Facebook: Why does everyone complain about life, yet do not want to change anything?

Answer: Because you can complain about the fact that you do not have something: “Give it to me!” And to change means that I have to give something from myself. How can you?! I want to turn the world around so that I don’t have to do anything and yet have everything.

This is the desire of our egoism. You cannot escape this.

Therefore, of course, a person’s desire is to complain about himself, the world, his fate, the Creator, everything. In the end, of course, it is the Creator, because He determines everything.

Man feels himself to be the only existing exceptional creation. The sensation of uniqueness is an exclusive experience for each of us where it seems to me that only I alone exist and the rest are just like shadows around me.

And if someone should change, it is him or her, not me. I’m remaining “Me”!

A person must change himself in order for the world around him to change. Do you want to change the world? Very good. Just change yourself so that changes in you influence the world. And it can be done. You can change yourself every second, and the world around you will change.

Question: How does a person come to this decision?

Answer: Only when one begins to understand that there is only the Creator and oneself in the world, and the world is a kind of phantom sensation between them.

Question: Doesn’t this add pride to a person, as if there is only the Creator and me?

Answer: No, because by changing oneself to change the world, one gradually minimizes his or her egoism and then the world changes. He includes himself in others and others in himself, and so attains the properties of mutual bestowal.

Question: When do we come to such understanding?

Answer: Not all people come to understand this, but only those who have what is called a point in the heart. They can feel the inner qualities of the world and realize that the world is only a certain unreality of our internal properties that we imagine, a reflection of ourselves to the upper Light.

Therefore, there is nothing to complain about. Complain to yourself—this is the most true. Every character and everything that is in our world: inanimate, plant, animal, and especially people, all are your internal characteristics that you see outside of yourself. No one can make claims to anyone except to himself.

Only by changing yourself, will you change the world: for better—for the better, for the worst—for the worst. So decide in which direction. With what help? There is only one way: the science of Kabbalah.

Good luck with this!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/12/17

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