Is Adam A Person Or A Spiritual Degree?

742.03Question: Is Adam the first Kabbalist or a degree in spiritual attainment?

Answer: Adam is the spiritual system that we have to master, correct, and join.

In addition, 5,779 years ago there lived a man who was the first to attain this system. His name was also Adam. It is not a coincidence that his parents gave him this name; there are no coincidences in nature. He wrote the book The Secret Angel (Raziel HaMalach), which can be bought in the stores even today.

Question: Was 5,779 years ago the year of his physical birth or the year of his spiritual birth?

Answer: It is the year he attained the upper world and became a man (Adam).

Question: Do all Kabbalists agree with that?

Answer: There is no reason to argue. One who attains the upper world sees and feels it. We must acquire only those properties that make it possible to discover that this is so.

Question: Can people who attain the spiritual world feel not only the system of Adam HaRishon, but also that there was such a man as well.

Answer: By revealing the spiritual system, along the way, one becomes a part of all Kabbalists before him; somehow you get included in them and even understand and feel what they said, how they studied, and how they understood the system. One comprehends not the person himself, but his inner essence, qualities, his degree.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/16/18

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