By Changing Ourselves, We Change Our World

Laitman_715Question: If everything is just inside of me, is there any other force that can affect me?

Answer: From the outside, the Creator affects you with His even Light, and in this Light, as if on a white screen, you depict your world with your own qualities.

This world that you depict involuntarily, you can now correct with your will and depict it in a different way. Therefore, all sorts of problems are presented to you on this screen so that you would correct yourself and see the world as good.

Question: If the Creator is also inside of me, does this mean that there is somebody else who is outside of me?

Answer: No, you imagine it this way. We need to find a very simple relationship: as much as we change ourselves, we change our world.

Each of us feels this world in his own way. There are some points in it that we can compare to each other, but there are those that we cannot even express.

Therefore, our task is by connecting with each other to create a complete picture of the world that is composed of many billions of people. Then in our connection, we will see the world of infinity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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