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Revealing The Deficiency For The Greatness Of The Creator Between Us

laitman_237Creation is a desire, a simple desire to live, to exist, a constant force. However, there is another desire that has to do with striving to achieve something, pulling me off my seat and not giving me rest. We are always lacking this kind of drive. We would like it to be as big as possible, but the question is how to awaken such a targeted drive that pushes and entices us toward a goal?

Within such a desire, there is a power that let us sacrifice a lot in order to achieve a goal, overcome all the obstacles on the way, scrutinize them, sort them out, and transform them from disturbances into help. This desire is what builds a person. Without this, a person is dead.

Naturally, the desire is in the hands of the Creator because He is the one who created it—both good and evil. But in every state: in ups and downs, in disappointment, in aspiration, we must look for how to awaken the Creator so that He would awaken us. The whole study of the science of Kabbalah is about how to awaken this mechanism of the upper system, called the Creator, so that He starts working with us, selectively and purposefully.

As a result, the Creator changes our desire. There are two desires: the desire to enjoy and the desire to give, the left and the right line, one against the other, and both of them are in the hands of the Creator. And both of them are handed over to a person if he has reached the degree about which it is said: “My sons have defeated me.” The main thing is to know how to awaken the higher force, the Creator, so that He will take care of our awakening.

The Creator puts us through different states so that we can clarify our desires, deal with them, He gives us reason and feelings, gives us the environment and all the necessary means. In the end, everything comes from Him. And as far as we get involved in this work in His spiritual kitchen where He prepares the right tool for us to attain the purpose of creation, that is how far we will advance and achieve success.1

Desire is a magical word that opens all the locks on our path. It is the only key that can open them.2

No matter how hard we try to imagine that we think about the Creator without any connection to ourselves, we will not be able to completely break away from our self-interest and expect nothing from Him. Perhaps we are willing to do everything, but only so to get at least something from Him in return. Otherwise, it is impossible without this thin pipeline stretched from Him to us. We are ready to give everything, our whole lives, just to get something from Him through this thin capillary.3

The only question is, what exactly do I receive from the Creator through this pipeline: the forces of bestowal or the forces of reception?4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/19, “Revealing The Deficiency For The Greatness Of The Creator Between Us“
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Perceiving The World As A Manifestation Of The Creator

laitman_603Question: Are spiritual and material events orchestrated in advance and occur as a pre-directed scenario of life?

Answer: Of course. That is how they come out. Are we the ones that make them happen? The world appears to us in its new forms, and we have to learn to understand them, attain them, associate ourselves with them, and as such progress.

At every moment you are presented with a certain picture of the world, you have to adapt to it, understand it, connect with it, and try to make it better. The way you understand the surrounding world is what determines your advancement.

In principle, each time you should see the world as a manifestation of the Creator. Can you imagine how flawed we must be to see the world around us as full of terrible things, depression, and awful tensions?

Question: Let’s say something is revealed to us. What should be my first reaction? Should I say “there’s none else besides Him”?

Answer: First of all, you have to understand that the Creator is the upper force that determines, acts, and fills everything. What this force is showing you is perfection, but you distort this picture to the degree of your corruptness by seeing it without the “glasses,” through the lens of your egoism.

Question: So, do I have to justify everything?

Answer: Not just justify, but to see and feel this perfection. You then have to adhere to Him in such a way that through this attainment, through the correction of corruptness to the level of perfection, you will unite with the Creator. On one side of the screen there is you, and on the other, Him.

Question: And if I see that I cannot attribute this force to “none else besides Him,” that I can’t justify it?

Answer: You have an opportunity to pray, to ask Him to correct you so that you will see the world as perfect.

But if you want this in order to feel good, you will not get anything. If, however, you want to see the world as perfect in order to not curse the Creator because it brings you pain, then you will receive. You are asking the Creator to give you the power to see Him the way He is: good that does good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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New Life #130 – Heart To Heart Communication

New Life #130 – Heart to Heart Communication
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


We are evolving toward one spiritual, internal language of the heart. Like Hebrew, this language is built on a good connection between people and it unites our desires. Speech and language have developed in order to serve the human ego. Our egoistic nature does not let us connect to each other unless our own interests are served. We decode everything subjectively and cannot perceive anything objectively. We do not even see our own children as they truly are.

The further away we draw from each other, the richer language we need. Conversely, the more the means of communication has developed, the more distant we become from each other and the more we cheat and confuse one another. In order to understand another, I have to feel his or her heart like my own and build his or her schema inside of me. We must reveal the human point within each of us, connect all of these points and together learn to communicate heart to heart above the rejection and hatred.
From the KabTV’s “New Life #130 – Heart To Heart Communication,” 1/24/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/18/19

Lesson Preparation

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Preparation for the Convention “The Responsibility Of The Israeli Kli for Uniting The State Of Israel”

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