To See A Perfect World

laitman_751.1Question: To enter into a perfect world, into infinity, does it mean becoming perfect yourself, and from your corrected self, seeing perfection, eternity?

Answer: Yes, to the extent that I change within, I can see changes in the world around me.

Question: How do I come to the point that I myself have to change? After all, I am trying to change others my whole life.

Answer: Indeed, usually a person wants to change everyone else. He wants nothing more than to “bend” the world around him. However, in fact, the world does not bend. It is created such that if you want to bend it, you bend yourself. As a result, you will understand, perhaps not in one but in several lives, that you’re the one who needs to bend.

There is nothing demeaning about it. This is such an exciting game, such a fascinating, conceptual journey: while I am changing, I see the world around me also changing, like in a fairy tale. And it is possible.

Question: However, during the 70 to 80 years of one’s life, a person is somehow changing, which cannot be said about the world. What changes are you talking about?

Answer: The world is also changing a little, but only on that inanimate level at which people change. Why is the world today different from the world 100 years ago? Various technical and technological changes took place, climate conditions became different, some species of fauna and flora became extinct, etc. Everything comes from the fact that by changing, we see the world changing around us.

But these are very small changes at that same, inanimate level. It is not a new world. After all, we remain the same egoists.

Th fact is that when our material desires change, we begin to invent something ostensibly new. However, there is nothing to invent, because if a person begins to radically change his nature, his egoism, to the opposite property of bestowal and love, the property of connection with others, he then sees a completely different world through his new properties.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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