My Thoughts On Twitter 1/18/19

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It’s necessary to arrange education: to bring in everyone a feeling of love for each person and the nation, to reveal in ourselves the national love that filled us when we lived on our land as one of the nations. And this work is the basis of our existence and our mission on earth.
(Baal HaSulam, Newspaper Auma) #baalhasulam

A person is able to turn to the Creator when both a negative and a positive aspect are present. After all, the advantage of light appears on the background of darkness. Any concept/avkhana can be clarified only in comparison with the opposite, and consists of two opposites.
(darkness and light)

If you’re pushing yourself to unite with the group, you reveal the opposing forces and realize that you need the Creator’s help. It’s vital to start striving toward uniting the group into one whole, as best we can! As a result, the opposing force will show us the way to overcome it.
… the ego itself will help!

There is a condition for the development of society: First, the people of Israel must achieve unity and reveal the Creator, and then the other nations of the world—”And the earth will be filled with the awareness of the Creator,” the awareness of all nature …
… its laws of development. This is the revelation of the Creator, as the law of nature.

We mustn’t correct our animate nature/qualities.
We must only gain the force of unity instead of the force of repulsion.
I must work in the group precisely above this.
Don’t change myself or others, but only create increasingly greater connection between everyone. COVER sins w/love.
From Twitter, 1/18/19

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