How Does The Middle Line Appear?

laitman_232.06Question: What should a person do if he is overwhelmed with feelings but wants to remain in a practical neutral point and continue to work scrupulously with the group and with the Creator?

Answer: He should collect all his positive and negative thoughts, qualities, and actions and understand that the middle line is built on their correct combination. In fact, it does not exist. It appears only if a person builds and supports it, otherwise, it immediately disappears.

There are only plus and minus in the creation. Between them you must create such a resistance, a pressure, a motor that would work from these two poles.

Question: The group is a tool leading to the Creator. There also is the quality of bestowal that we call “the Creator.” It is clear how to work with a group. But how should we work with the Creator? Is there some kind of interconnection, relationship system?

Answer: If friends in the group correctly connect with each other, then in its inner strength, in the correct combinations, there will be that place where the quality of the Creator is revealed.

The quality of the Creator is interesting in the fact that relative to us, He is revealed as perfection, consisting simultaneously of both plus and minus. We will be able to understand this only when He is revealed.

Question: Is this the reason you say that there is the nature of a person, on which we should not apply pressure, but just build bridges of love above it and these states exist together? Is this the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: This is the middle line since both forces emanate from Him.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/27/18

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