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New Year for trees, “Man is a tree in the field”
To become a person, (ADAM, similar to the Creator), one must leave the barren place for the field, place blessed by the Creator, where he will receive upbringing by Light, attain the quality of bestowal above his ego ….
—and become Man, ADAM.

New Year of trees, “Man is a tree in the field.”
To become Man, a fruit-bearing tree, one must find a field, the right environment, the group, ten, care about connection 10 = 1, to receive from the Creator one intention to bestow and love like Him, attain the state of the “Soul.”

The seed we plant in the ground is an embryo of new social relationships that must be created by upbringing, the right environment. Otherwise the tree will grow into a wild one. If we tend to people with the right upbringing, they will become a good society.
This is our only choice! #TuBishvat

It is written: The tree of paradise tastes of wood, of the taste of fruit. The fruit, the will to receive, is initially egoistic (the Creator: I created the evil inclination). But it is corrected by the intention for bestowal (Lishma)—a fruit appears, bestowal and love …
… similar to the Creator, giving adhesion with the Creator, the same taste! #TuBishvat

“Man is a garden tree”—a fruit of the tree of the garden of eden!
The fruit of his labor of tending to the tree, the quality of bestowal, Bina—is the fruit of the tree, revelation of the Creator, Hochma. Its continued, gradual growth will lead to the full correction of the…
Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil (GE and AHP).
#TuBishvat #treeoflife #KNOWLEDGE
From Twitter, 1/21/19

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