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laitman_938.04Rabash, Writings of Rabash, the Article “The Agenda of the Assembly”): Similarly, with love of friends, at the very beginning of the assembly, when gathering, we should praise the friends, the importance of each of the friends. To the extent that we assume the greatness of the society, one can appreciate the society.

“And then pray” means that everyone should examine himself and see how much effort he is giving to the society. Then, when they see that you are powerless to do anything for the society, there is room for prayer to the Creator to help you, and give you strength and desire to engage in love of others.

The fact is that a person does not really want to do something for the sake of the society. Why should he care about the society, why think about it? This is a very hard work against one’s desires. Therefore, Rabash gives very clear and sharp instructions in his article.

A person must understand that his goal is tied precisely to the society, that the connection with the society and the connection with the Creator are one and the same. The society is specifically given to us so that inside of it we can work on getting out of ourselves, that is, so that we can lower the importance of our “I” and increase the importance of what is outside of us. This is a very complex system, a very difficult condition.

We cannot do this by ourselves. We can only ask for it, and even that we do artificially, saying: “Yes, I would like to,” although in reality we cannot want it. It is very hard for us to even think about it, let alone approach it.

Question: What does it mean that I give all my strength to society?

Answer: This is possible only if we receive from above such a force of bestowal and love that will oblige us to think and do what is beneficial and necessary for society. Then we are able to do it, and not otherwise. I cannot be above my nature, which automatically locks me inside myself and in the circle of the people closest to me.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/13/18

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  1. I believe in a God who is the Creator of ALL things on earth, below and beyond. There are people on earth who love to serve others or contribute to society without public acknowledgement. They are human so a little appreciation is nice but their goal is to fulfill their purpose here in the earth. They might see themselves as avatars and know that their God gets ALL of the glory.

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