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Correction of the egoistic intention (for one’s own sake, Lo Li Shma) to the altruistic intention (for the Creator’s sake, Li Shma) happens by means of the influence of the Torah’s light on man. In the intention of bestowal (Li Shma) he feels a connection with the Creator, spiritual life, the upper world.

The Creator’s revelation to creatures in this world happens when, in a Kabbalistic group, in unity of aspirations, the common force is revealed of everyone’s aspiration among them and toward the Creator—the force of mutual bestowal, faith, reflected light…
….in which the upper force, the Creator, dresses.

The aim of creating the worlds and souls: to correct the egoistic desire to receive everything inside of you—to the altruistic desire to bestow / love, which leads to the Goal of Creation, the sensation of man’s “difference and similarity” to the Creator….
….till full adhesion by qualities in feelings and by thoughts in reason.

The Creator: leave Me but preserve the Torah, since only its light corrects you—and you will reveal Me. Hence do everything you can to correct egoism. I dwell only inside the Torah—there, you will reveal Me. All your other efforts are in vain. Those who seek Me will find Me.

The right study of Torah means a constant effort to ascertain that one is facing the Creator, holding on and not separating from Him, and by that wishing to cause joy to the Creator.

Prepare for the studies—studies with the Creator, envision yourself as the Creator’s student (Talmid Hacham) who studies the light—the force of correcting one’s ego, which He deliberately created so you’ll learn to bestow from Him.

Those who study Torah to correct the heart (desires) are called “wise of the heart” (Hochmei Lev) because they study Torah with the heart rather than with the mind—since Torah was given for the heart’s correction!

Creator: “I created egoism and I created Torah for its correction.”
If a person studies Torah not in order to understand it with the mind,
but to correct one’s egoistic heart with its influence,
he receives a force from above to be able to carry out actions for the Creator’s sake.

Kabbalah books are addressed to those who already attain the upper world
But the authors also indicate that their books are addressed to those who haven’t yet attained the upper world as well, since study of these books draws light that corrects souls ….
… and leads to revelation of the upper world.

After creating the ego, the Creator set its evil force exactly equal to the force of the light’s correction so the light will correct the ego without destroying it. Hence one must make every possible effort, in quantity and quality (without distraction), to draw the correcting light.
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