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Learning Torah means drawing the upper light with the study
(Torah is from the word “Ohr – Light,” and from the word “Oraa – instructions”).
The light will change the student’s will to receive for oneself to bestowal to the Creator and others.
And in the will to bestow, the Creator will be revealed to him.

The #EU proposes reducing #СО2 emissions into the atmosphere to zero by 2050 by replacing the energy sources.
Kabbalah says: the world’s production must be reduced to the minimum. This will reduce waste and eliminate 80% of emissions.
The remaining 20% can be rendered ecologically harmless.
#climatechange #ecology #kabbalah

#Torah is necessary for correcting the evil inclination, egoism, so all of man’s actions will be for the sake of bestowal.
Since man is unable to change himself, his ego,
Only by annulling oneself in the group and studying Torah in the group can he correct his egoism…
…to the quality of the Creator and feel Him.

All “bad” states come only so that we can make out the light on their background.
Light is the quality of bestowal, a good attitude to the friend for the sake of the common goal, not for self-benefit.
Darkness to me is the background that brings out the light.

Study Torah and its light will bring you back to the Source, to the quality of bestowal and love in which the Creator will be revealed.
One who strives to reveal the Creator—studies #Torah.
One who has another aim, by studying Torah studies wisdom, but does not attain the Creator’s revelation.

If one studies Kabbalah to correct the quality of creation, “the will to receive” into the Creator’s quality “to bestow,” one attains equivalence to the Creator and in that equivalence feels pleasure from the purpose of creation.
From Twitter, 1/9/19

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