The Group Is the Inner Contact Between Souls

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do we consider to be the group?

Answer: The group can be considered to be the ten people who I sit and analyze our relationship with.

The group can also be considered the dozens of groups that attend conventions. For example, there were 120 or 130 groups at the congress. It also is a sort of a group, working together on a single task, a single question, and this is why, accordingly, all the participants had the same thoughts, the same questions, and the same goal. The fact that they spoke different languages does not matter, because they did the same thing: they interacted, helped one another, they were in one field.

Our sensory and mental fields intersect, they work together: This is the way we interact with one another. Moreover, there is no law of separation in these fields, unlike any physical field that diminishes according to squared distance; when you distance yourself by two meters, tension, light, or any kind of rays become four times smaller. But here, no. Fields of desires do not decrease with distance.

For this reason, when one is in Boston, another is in Alaska, the third is in Kentucky, and the fourth in Australia, they still make up the group together if they are able to have an inner contact, which we have partially experienced during the seminars at the convention. If they have already experienced this contact, if they are able to recreate it, revive it within, like rekindling glowing embers, then the “distances,” all the disturbances that arise, will help them rise above the interferences towards this state and be on a good spiritual level.
From “A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 09/23/12

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