Are Parts Of My Soul Wandering In The Streets?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I hold on to the spiritual work as strongly as possible in my daily life (on the street, the public transportation, etc)?

Answer: I try to look at everything through the system of connection, through the system of mutual completion. I wonder if through everything that appears before me I will see the mutual cooperation between the two opposing forces that depict different images to me.

If I am in a circle at a workshop and there are nine friends before me, partners but also competitors in a way, as to who will give the best answer and who will answer less accurately, how we can complete one another, how we can play together in order to find the right answers? There is much closeness and oppositeness here.

If I am on the street, why can’t I see an identical partner in everyone that evokes certain feeling in me? It makes no difference whether it is for or against, what’s important is how I respond to him. Can I respond to him as to someone who is very close to me? My ego doesn’t let me. If I could look at him differently, I would see a very close and dear person and I would immediately change my attitude toward him.

We have to play with that by turning on the start-stop button of receiving and bestowal and constantly clarifying our relations with others. Then you will become more flexible and acquire a softer attitude to life and to the world.

But on the whole, of course you want to see the managing force through this attitude, which presents this whole picture to you and projects it before you so that you will see the revelation of the Creator, so that behind this picture you will see the managing force.
From “A Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 09/23/12

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