A Life Jacket To Those Drowning In The Sea Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately I have lost all interest in and desire for the spiritual. I have become distant from the group, but the group did not forget about me and continued to care for me with constant love. This is why, despite everything, I decided to come to the convention in Rome, and made enormous effort to do it. And now here, I feel shame before my friends who once again have taken me in their arms, and I have experienced the love of my friends with new strength over these two days. But what do I need to do to make sure I do not become distanced again after the congress? I am very afraid of it.

Answer: I’m sorry about all you had to experience. But there is no other way but accepting that everything comes from one source, and we need to be grateful for both bad things and good things. I am very grateful to your friends who worked so hard that they were able to bring you back. I hope that from this day forward, all of you will only see goodness and mercy, love and warmth, which await you.

But still, no matter what happens, you need to hold on to the group with all your strength because it is the life jacket thrown out into the sea for those who are drowning. We have nothing else to grab on to.

And believe me, you will still see the entire country hold on to your group as if it were a life jacket. So become stronger, help each other, and continue. I wish you success!
From the 5th meal at the Italian Convention  9/30/12

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  1. It was indeed a very stormy sea but spiritual friends came to the rescue and truth also. Finally peace within and proper discernment. The lessons learned – cling to the Creator. There is no other way dear Friends. This truely is the only way to travel safely. In the end the collective intention in the hearts is revealed.

    Warm Regards

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