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laitman_947Rabash, Writings of Rabash, Article “The Agenda of the Assembly 2”: Therefore, first one must praise the importance of the gathering, and then see what to acquire from that activity. It is as our sages said, “One should always praise the Creator, and then pray.” In other words, the beginning of the assembly, meaning the beginning of the discussions, which is the beginning of the assembly, should be about praising the society. Each and every one must try to provide reasons and explanations for their merit and importance. They should speak of nothing but the praise of society.

Question: Should there first be a word game about the importance of the group?

Answer: This is not a game! Each time you need to start all over again. Why do I exist in this world? For what purpose? How should and can I achieve it? Why in the group? In what kind of group exactly? What kind of work must the friends do to achieve the goal of creation? And so on.

Question: When I am going to an assembly of friends, should this chain always be in front of me?

Answer: If I begin to awaken in the middle of this chain, then it is not a serious foundation for spiritual work. A serious foundation is renewed from the very beginning: “Why did I appear in this world?” Otherwise, how will I continue? From what?

I exist in this world in order to attain the Creator. I can attain the Creator only if I gather the right ten—broken desires that should make it possible to catch Him like a radio receiver picks up a wave.

To do this, we are given guidance and advice about how to set ourselves up like an oscillating circuit in a receiver in order to detect the Creator.

Question: Do you suggest making such preparations both for the gathering of friends and for the lessons, as well as in regular life?

Answer: Of course. This is how I set myself up.

I need a ten. Why am I going to the meeting? It is because in this ten I must reveal the Creator. Otherwise, I cannot attain Him. But for me, revealing the Creator means achieving the goal of life. Therefore, I already have a reason to hurry to the meeting of friends and do something.

Proceeding from this goal, I must reveal the conditions for attaining the Creator in the ten.

Question: That is, everything should be on the level of feelings?

Answer: Even on the logical level. If I have no feelings now, then I am absolutely frozen; there are such periods of time. Therefore, I start to scroll through everything and go by logic again. Logic is like iron; I have nothing else. And so I bring myself to a state when I go and use this opportunity. The assembly of friends is given to me once a week and I must attend it.

I know that I must receive from it how to behave in order to absorb impressions from all my friends that enable me to continue my spiritual elevation.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/27/18

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