Invitation To An Assembly Above Time And Place

Dr. Michael LaitmanAn assembly of friends is the highest state that we can attain and receive in this world as a vessel that raises a prayer (MAN) to the Creator. All the corrections that we can make are only made by raising our prayer (MAN) to a higher level. The state in which we create and form our prayer (MAN) symbolizes our common connection with all our GE, with the desires to bestow that we raise above the desire to receive.

We cut off the desires to bestow from our desire to receive by giving up the desires to receive, our AHP. If the desires to bestow connect into one whole in bestowal upon the Creator, a prayer (MAN) is created, a request, a deficiency to acquire and to receive the force of bestowal. It’s because a prayer doesn’t even contain a desire to bestow but only a desire to acquire a desire. It’s because a desire is already power.

Such a prayer should be the result of the assembly of friends, of connection. An assembly of friends doesn’t mean that our physical bodies gather in some physical place at a certain time. It’s a spiritual concept, something that we create that exists above the limits of time, motion, and place. It’s about this that we have to constantly maintain and care.

The eyes of all the friends should be focused only on that one point, on the center of our group. We should constantly check what happens to it. When does this group become Shechina, a collection of our desires with regard to the Creator, so that the Light that Reforms will give it such a form that the Creator will be able to dress and settle in it according to the law of the equivalence of form, like a cloud that descends upon us, like fog that fills an indentation? It’s about this that we should constantly worry.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/30/13

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