A Successful Gathering Of Friends

laitman_942Question: Is there a difference between a lesson and a gathering of friends?

Answer: The gathering of friends is the means to reveal the Creator, not the revelation itself. We learn how to approach each other so that in our rapprochement we begin to uncover various spiritual phenomena.

In the lesson, however, we are talking about the revelation of these spiritual phenomena: how they are revealed, what they consist of, what they depend on, and so on.

Question: What can be called a successful gathering of friends?

Answer: A gathering of friends can be called successful when we feel that we have advanced in connecting our desires to the state of merging them into one collective integral desire. An entire network of communication arises between us in which we experience a multitude of various combinations and movements. As a result, they create a feeling of the upper force.

From the behavior of the network of connection between us—how each of us changes relative to others, what changes we undergo in our relationships—we begin to feel the gradual revelation of the Creator.

Question: When we read The Book of Zohar we constantly think about unity. For me, it is more powerful than a gathering of friends, where we sing songs and embrace each other. Can one replace the other?

Answer: Not really. We must correctly prepare for connection. But it comes gradually. At first, we act like children to whom you say what to do and they do it, and only later they begin to understand what inner feeling lies in their actions.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/6/18

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